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In the daily network transmission roughly 1MBPS= a second 125KB (1\8 conversion) file transfer speed, which is what we call the 1 gigabit network bandwidth can be downloaded only 128KB per second reasons.

Network protocol is the network (including the Internet) transmission, management information, some of the norms. If the communication between people is the need to follow certain rules, the communication between the computer needs to abide by certain rules, these rules are called network protocol.

A computer can communicate with other computers on the network only if it is in compliance with the network protocol. Network protocols are usually divided into several layers, each of which performs its own functions. Only the two sides can communicate with each other at the same level. Common protocols are: TCP/IP protocol, IPX/SPX protocol, NetBEUI protocol, etc.. Used in the LAN is more IPX/SPX. If the user access to Internet, you must add the TCP/IP protocol in the network protocol.

TCP/IP is "transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, Chinese translation for transmission control protocol / Internet Protocol) protocol, TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) is a network communication protocol, it standardizes all communication devices on the network, especially the data exchanges format between a host and another the host and transmission method. TCP/IP is the basic protocol of INTERNET, and it is also a standard method for computer data packing and addressing. In data transmission, can be understood as the image of two envelopes, TCP and IP is like the envelope, the message is divided into several sections, each section into a TCP envelope, and the envelope recording segment number information, then TCP envelope into the IP envelope and send send the internet. At the receiving end, a TCP software package to collect the envelope, extract data, according to the order before sending to restore, and check, if found to be wrong, TCP will require retransmission. As a result, TCP/IP can transmit data in INTERNET almost without error. For ordinary users, do not need to understand the entire structure of the network protocol, only need to understand the IP address format, you can communicate with the rest of the world.

IPX/SPX is the XEROX S Network 'Xerox (XNS) based on System protocol, which is based on SPX XEROX SPP (Xerox' S Sequenced Packet Protocol: sequential packet protocol) protocol, which is developed by Novell company using a high speed protocol in lan. It is a significant difference with TCP/IP is that it does not use the IP address, but the physical address of the network card (MAC) address. In actual use, it does not need any basic settings, can be installed on the use of. Because of its popularity in the early stage of the network has played a huge role, so it has been a lot of vendor support, including Microsoft, and so on, many software and hardware are also supporting this agreement.


NetBEUI that is NetBios Enhanced Interface User, or NetBios enhanced user interface. It is an enhanced version of the NetBIOS protocol, has been used by many operating systems, such as Windows for Workgroup, Win 9x series, Windows NT, etc.. The NETBEUI protocol is useful in many situations, the default protocol for the operating system before WINDOWS98. The NetBEUI protocol is a small, high efficiency of communication broadcast protocol, the installation does not need to be set, especially suitable for data transmission in the network neighborhood. Therefore, in addition to the proposed TCP/IP protocol, the LAN is also the best computer NetBEUI protocol. Another point to note is that if a TCP/IP protocol only installed in the WINDOWS98 machine to join the WINNT domain, you must also install the NetBEUI protocol.

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