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Beijing Fibridge Intelligent Video-sensing LED Road Lighting, Lighten “Smart City”


“NET +” concept is surging forward world wide, but how would ‘Smart City’ be landing ? Beijing Fibridge makes eye on the Road Light everywhere in the city. What will be happen next when Internet meet road light?



Beijing Fibridge embeds Visual Sensor in road light, making Light intelligent. These visual sensing system can sense surroundings acutely. When vehicles and pedestrian sensed, the intelligent LED road light will work in full power brightness mode; then turn to and keep dim mode with vehicles and pedestrian left, This makes road light energy-saving intelligently, and extend lifetime of the LED road light also. Besides, a live HD IP video surveillance can be get from any of the smart lights.



At present, the most energy saving technology is LED lighting, comparing with the energy-saving lamps which widely used in road, ordinary LED road lighting can save 50% power。Beijing Fibridge Intelligent Video-sensing LED Road Lighting, the highlight of this invention is using intelligent sensing technology to achieve secondary energy saving at least 50% comparing with the ordinary LED lighting. Also, compared with the widely used sodium lamp, can energy-saving up to 80%, at the same time, the light life is extend to double than the normal LED light.



Beijing Fibridge Intelligent Video-sensing LED Lighting System, not only can quickly sense the environment, but also can real-time monitor and report city situation, can automatically adjust the lighting, also achieved more intelligent equipment maintenance and repair. When no vehicles and pedestrian on the road, the road lighting can dim light to reduce the power effectively to save energy. According to forecast, this technology is more efficient than ordinary LED road lamps, can achieve 50% energy-saving。In addition, because the road light works in the low power state, can greatly extend the life of the LED road light. Beijing Fibridge Intelligent Road Management Platform, not only can manage road light to save energy, but also can provide real-time high-definition surveillance video, also can collect data from Sensors installed in road light, by analysing these data,city governor can know the city situations timely, to work out the suitable solution for traffice jam, parking maintenance, monitoring traffic and other city problems.



Beijing Fibridge Intelligent LED Road Lighting not only lighten the city night, but also built the “Smart road, smart City”. We believe Intelligent LED Lighting System will effectively promote the construction of “smart city”, and citizens will benefit from the results .

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