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V.35 to E1 Protocol Converter

V.35 to E1 Protocol Converter

Brand name: Fibridge

Product introduction


FBPC100 Series gives the interface conversion between G.703 E1 and V.35. This device provides an economical digital access solution for E1 and Fractional E1 network services. With a adapter cable, the Device can link to other DTE Device, such as router, at data rates of 64Kbps to 2048Kbps. User data is placed into the E1 frame, using only the required number of timeslots. Timeslot assignment is accomplished according to the Data Port speed and manual setting of DIP switches. FBPC100 Series is widely used in communication network, both in WAN and LAN connection field.

Interface conversion between E1 and V.35
Support ITU-T V.35, G.703, G.704, G.823
Standalone and chassis module available, support hot-swap
Framed (N*64Kbps) and unframed (2.048Mbps) optional, support continuous and discontinuous timeslots setting
Frame mode support PCM30/ PCM31
CRC/non-CRC auto-negotiation on E1 interface
Support remote bandwidth control, and remote loop back under framed mode.
Support internal clock, E1 recovery clock or V.35 line clock
Provide local, diagnostic and remote loop back test.
For V.35 interface, DCE and DTE mode are optional
Comprehensive LED indicators on front panel, convenient for the diagnosis of equipment working state
16-slot, elaborate cooling design and two redundant power supply

Support Console, WEB and SNMP management
Provide Timing Mode Setting, Loop back mode setting, Framed or Unframed mode setting clock resources selection, and etc.
Provide environment parameter monitoring, including power supply status and device operation temperature
Show details of system information, including Chassis name, location information, IP address, start-up time, software and hardware version
View & configure the working status of local and remote device, including connection status, port status
Provide user management to ensure the device operation security

4.1E1 ports
Compliant with: ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.823
Rate: 2.048Mbps
Code type: HDB3
Impedance: 75 ohm unbalanced & 120 ohm balanced optional
Physical connector: BNC for unbalanced & RJ45 for balanced

4.2V.35 interface:
Compliant with V.35 standard
Rate: n×64Kbps, n=1
Physical connector: DB25 female jack
DCE & DTE optional

Power supply:
AC Power: 100V-240V, 0.4-0.2A, 50-60 Hz
DC Power: -48V, 0.4A
Power consumption <2W

Operation Temperature: 0~50℃
Operation Relative Humidity: 0~90%
Store Temperature: -20~65℃
Store Relative Humidity: 0~95%


5.Typical Application

6.Oder Information
P/N                                   Description
F4-56A         Standalone Device, E1 to V.35 Converter, 220VAC Power input
F4-56D         Standalone Device, E1 to V.35 Converter, -48VDC Power input
F4-56M         E1 to V.35 Converter Module
FC-416         16 Slots Chassis, Supply two Powers
FC-416M       Management Module for the FC-416 Chassis



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