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In a security monitoring system into the commissioning phase, commissioning stage and after the delivery, there may be such a fault phenomenon, such as: can not run properly, the system does not meet the design requirements of the technical indicators, the overall performance and quality is not ideal, also That is, some "soft problems". These problems are unavoidable for a monitoring system project, especially for a complex, large-scale monitoring project.

Power is not correct

Power supply is not correct there are several possible: power supply line or power supply voltage is not correct, power is not enough (or a road power supply line is not enough, the buck is too large, etc.), the power supply system transmission line short circuit, Pressure and so on. Especially when the equipment is damaged due to power supply error or transient overpressure. Therefore, in the system debugging, power supply, we must carefully and strictly check and check, should not be taken lightly.

Wiring is not good

As a result of some equipment (such as with three variable lens camera and PTZ) there are many links, if not handled properly, especially with the equipment connected to the line is not handled properly, there will be open circuit, short circuit, Bad, wrong wiring, etc. lead to damage to equipment, performance problems. In this case, should be based on the phenomenon of failure to calmly analyze to determine the number of lines on the line because of what is the problem of connection to produce that kind of fault phenomenon. This will narrow the scope of the problem. It is particularly worth noting that the camera with PTZ due to the full range of movement, a long time, resulting in the connection off, break is common. Therefore, to pay special attention to the situation of the equipment and the connection of various lines should meet the requirements of long-term operation.

Bar interference

The most common symptom in video transmission is the presence of a black bar or a white bar on the monitor's screen and scrolling up or downwards. Therefore, in the analysis of such failure phenomenon, to distinguish between the two different causes of failure. To distinguish between power problems and ground loop problems, an easy way is to control the host, the nearest access to a power supply without a problem camera output signal, if the monitor does not appear on the interference phenomenon , Then the control host no problem. Next, you can use a portable monitor near the video output of the front-end camera, and check each camera one by one. If so, then processed. If no, the interference is caused by ground loops and other reasons.

Reticular interference

Due to video cable cable and shielded wire short circuit, broken circuit caused by the failure. The failure of this form of expression is in the monitor to produce a deeper and more chaotic large area of ​​moire interference, as well as all the images are destroyed, not form an image and sync signal. This situation occurs mostly on BNC connectors or other types of video connectors. That is, this kind of fault phenomenon occurs, often not the whole system of the various signals are out of the problem, but only in those bad joints on the road. As long as carefully check these joints one by one, you can solve.

Other interference

Space radiation interference introduced by the transmission line. This interference is mostly due to the presence of a stronger, more frequent space radiation source near the transmission system, the system front end, or the central control room. The solution to this situation is to understand the surrounding environment when the system is in place, try to avoid or stay away from the radiation source; another way is to avoid the radiation source, the front and center equipment to strengthen the shield, Transmission lines are piped and are well grounded.

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