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STM-4 622M Multiplexer

STM-4 622M Multiplexer

Brand name: Fibridge

Product introduction


F10-622S (STM-4) optical synchronous transmission system is one of the Fibridge’s important members of transmission equipment, which comply with the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) defined in ITU-T Recommendation G.707. It features high degree of integration, exquisite conformation, flexible networking, strong network adaptability, and other advantages. It is also comply with requirements of vibration, radiation, as well as electromagnetic compatibility, and other multiple international specifications.
F10-622S provides two 622.080Mb/s optical interfaces called E and F, and four 155.520155.520Mb/s optical interfaces of A, B, C, D. It also provides Network Elements (NE) timing function of ITU-T G.813 standard, 14×14 VC4 fully cross connection and channel protecting function with cross granularity as VC4, VC3 and VC12.
F10-622S can either work together with RSM-155 series SDH equipments, as Add-Drop Multiplexer (ADM) , as a Terminal Multiplexer (TM) or as a mini local cross-connect for applications in linear links, rings, and meshed networks.
F10-622S can also serve as Digital cross connecting equipment when working with SDH device other manufacturers, and can achieve a smooth upgrade from STM-1 to STM-4, while producing no impact on the existing NM system.
The NE management of F10-622S system is based on a unified Network Management System – Rayview.  Rayview is designed in accordance with ITU-T related recommendations, to achieve management on network resources, equipment configuration, alarm, performance, and security. It is also able to support the unified management of subnetworks, with multiple optical paths which are not mutually connected, to support remote network monitoring and control by Internet.


2Typical Application


●Single board, with 1U height
●Four STM-1 optical interfaces work independently or be set as 1+1 ring protection
●Two STM-4 optical interfaces work independently or be set as 1+1 optical ports protection
●Standard SEC (SDH Element Clock) recommend by ITU-T G.813, synchronization timing interface, SSM function and automatic switching of multiple timing reference
●Supports clock modes of tracing (locked), free run and holdover
●Non-blocked cross connection among six optical interfaces, the granularity of which are VC4, VC3 and VC12
●Point-to-point, chain and ring topologies.
●Provides D1~D3 bytes of the ECC channel and TCP/IP as the network management protocol
●Provides F (Ethernet) and f (RS232) NMS interface, network management platform
 Rayview. Realizes the resources, configuration, alarm, performance and security functions proposed by ITU-T standards
●Embedded network management software supports remote upgrading
●Optional optical module of long/short distance and ALS/Non-ALS function


4Ordering Information
       Standalone 1+1 STM-4 optic, 4x STM-1 optic, single power module

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