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The F10-155SH is an optical HUB equipment that features a compact, bidirectional SDH structure. It provides two slots for inserting the HUB155 cards; each card provides 8 downlink STM-1optical interfaces (OPT1-8) and 2 uplink STM-1 optical interfaces (OPTA/B). A single card can realize DXC function among the services over 10 optical interfaces, with DXC capacity of 630 * 630 VC12. It is suitable for big companies in their applications of data access and interconnection of base stations. HUB100-2D supports CLI management based on RS232 and TELNET, the SNMP_V1 and SNMP_V2 protocols, as well as the C/S-structured network management platform RAYVIEW, implementing configuration, management, and maintenance for the entire complicated network.


2Typical Application



●1U Height, 19 inches Width. Two slots can be used for inserting up to two HUB155 cards.
●SupportsTU-12granularity cross-connection
●Service Interface
• Up to 4 STM-1 uplink optical interfaces (OPTA/B) (2 interfaces per card).
• Up to 16 STM-1 downlink optical interfaces (OPT1-8) (8 interfaces per card).
• Employs LC-type SFP optical transceiver; supports hot-swap function and real-time monitoring for the status of optical modules. Uses single-mode fiber, with selectable transmission distance of 15km, 40km, and 80km.
• Optical interfaces support ALS and RPD functions.
• Optical interfaces support outward loopback on line side and TU-12 channel outward loopback.
• All characteristics of the optical interfaces comply with GB/T15941-1995 and ITU-T G.813.
●Auxiliary Interfaces
• Each card provides an Ethernet management
interface : EMU (RJ45 connector).
• Each card provides a RS232 management
interface : CON (RJ45 connector).
• Each card provides two external synch clock I/O interfaces
ETS1, ETS2 (RJ45 connector).
• An UALM / DALM (urgent / non-urgent alarm) output interface : U/DALMO(DB9 connector).
●Protective function
• Supports SNCP(subnet connection protection) function.
●Timing Mode
• Independent timing for HUB155 cards or unified timing by interconnecting via the uplink optical interfaces or ETS interface.
• Supports four timing modes: free oscillation, tracking, locking, and holding-up. All of them can be switched either automatically or forcedly by hand.
• “Tracking internal timing source” is selectable and complies with ITU-T G.813 standard.
• Timing sources(T11, T12) for tracking uplink STM-1 optical interfaces (OPTA/B) are selectable.
• “Tracking external synch timing source (T31/T32)” is selectable, with rate of 2.048 Mbit/s.
• Supports “external synch timing source output (T41/T42)”, with rate of 2.048Mbit/s.
• “Auto-selection” or “selected by hand” can be set for the timing reference source according to its alarms, frequency offset, SSM ranks, as well as its priorities.
●Equipment Management
• Supports one network management mode--- Star Embedded DCN.
• Supports CLI management based on RS232 and TELNET. CLI supports the control over local equipments only and cannot manipulate other NEs in the network.
• Supports SNMP_V1 and SNMP_V2 protocols; supports the PC-based, C/S-structured network management platform RAYVIEW, implementing configuration, management, and maintenance for the entire network.
• Supports FTP files transmission protocol; realizes on-line upgrade for the embedded software, and configures data to perform the upload / download operations.
●Provides dual -48V DC power interfaces; supports hot backup, prevents inverse connection and surge occurrence.
●Maximum power consumption is less than 50W.


4Ordering Information
       Standalone STM-1 DXC, 8*2 STM-1 optic, single power module

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