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STM-1 63E1 Multiplexer


STM-1 63E1 Multiplexer

Brand name: Fibridge

Product introduction


F10-155SA is the 63E1 compact STM-1 level Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) transmission system compatible with ITU-T standard. It is designed as a modular system with two 155.520Mb/s optical interfaces to provide an ultra-compact, cost-effective and high capacity platform. It provides fully cross-connect between all tributaries, and can be used as Terminal Multiplexer (TM) or an Add-Drop-Multiplexer (ADM) to build point-to-point, ring and chain transmission network.

2Typical Application


Ring Topology

Tree/Chain Topology

●Achieve Multiplexing from 63 E1 to 2 STM-1 optical interfaces 
●1U height, 19 Inch width standard
●Service interface
  Two STM-1 optical interfaces, SFP optical module (LC connector)
  Maximum 63 E1 interfaces compliant with ITU-T G.703, optional unbalanced/ balanced interface
●System interface
  Ethernet management interface: EMU (RJ45 connector)
  RS232 network management interface: CONSOLE (RJ45 connector)
  RS232 user channel interface: RS232 (RJ45 connector)
  External synchronization interface / Extendable management interface :  ETS1/EXM1, ETS2/EXM2 (RJ45 connector)
  Engineering Order Wire (EOW) interface: PHONE (RJ11 connector)
  UALM and DALM output interface: U/DALMO (DB9 connector)
●Timing mode
  STM-1 line timing (T11,T12)
  Tributary timing from E1-1 to E1-63 (T2)
  External timing source input (T31/T32), 2048Kbit/s by default and 2048KHz selectable
  External timing output (T41/T42), 2048Kbit/s by default and 2048KHz selectable
  ITU-T G.813 internal oscillator
  The timing source can be auto-switched according to SSM or operator settings
●Supports 1+1 protection and Automatic Protect Switch (APS) with the switching time less than 50ms
●Supports Remote power Down Detection (RPD) and Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS)
●Supports embedded BERT and various loop back for troubleshooting
●Highly efficient management system
  Supports NE management based on CLI command via RS232 interface or TELNET
  Supports Network management based on PC via unified platform: RAYVIEW
  Supports three network management types: Traditional DCC management, Inner DCN management (by some VC12 channel) and outer DCN management (by E1 cable via outer EXM interface).
●Power system
  Two backup power supply
   220V AC or-48V DC single power
   -48V DC & 220V AC double power 
  -48V DC & -48V DC double power 
   220V AC & 220V AC double power 
   Power consumption less than 25W

4Oder Information

       Standalone STM-1 63E1, 1310nm, 40Km, FC, single power module, E1 adapters


       Standalone STM-1 63E1, 1+1 optic, 1310nm, 40Km, FC, single power module, E1 adapters


       Standalone STM-1 63E1, 1+1 optic, 1310nm, 80Km, SC, single power module, E1 adapters

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