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Protocol Converter Chassis


Protocol Converter Chassis

Brand name: Fibridge

Product introduction


Fibridge protocol converter chassis can install up to 12 protocol converter modules. It is compatible with E1 to 10Base-T module and E1 to V.35 module. It has 2 slide-in switch power module, enhance its reliability. The chassis is widely used in star-topology ethernet inter connect.

2.Main Features
4U height, up to 12 slots
2 slide-in power supply support redundant backup
Compatible with E1 to 10Base-T module and E1 to V.35 module
Each module can support hot-swap plug
Support RS232 management


3.Typical Application

4.Order Information
FC-416 16-slot Protocol Converter Chassis, with console management
FP-4060A 60W 220VAC Power Supply Module for FC-412
FP-4060D 60W -48VDC Power Supply Module for FC-412

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