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Video Surveillance Optic Transmission

Object Removal Detection


Object Removal Detection

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Product introduction

It is a meaningful Intelligent video analysis function to analyze whether object is exist or not from the video signal. The object removal, theft and motion detect are realized by using region detect contrast algorithm. Its fundamental principle is extracting and save the region from the camera vision, then the server will compare the data with the initial data termly.

Auto detect the removed and stolen object.
Customizable architecture of the warning region.
customizable color and action after alarm of the warning region.
detect multi-area within one screen.
Warning time limit support immediately alarm and delay alarm
support integrated to the DVP platform. could be manage,display,detect and analysis together with the non-intelligent devices simultaneously.
arbitrary number of  video signal(standard 16 channel, could be expanded at random) detection and analysis simultaneously; the result could be real-time displayed on any preassigned screen.every video signal could analyze 8 different action and regulation simultaneously.


Detection of museum, exhibition hall and other high-ticket needed place.

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