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The transmission medium is divided into a guide transmission medium and a non oriented transmission medium. Guide transmission medium: metal conductor and optical fiber conductor

Twisted pair

Wired form. Non oriented transmission medium: short wave, microwave, Bluetooth, satellite and light waves, such as radio transmission.

Twisted pair, twisted pair cable (TP):

The package more than a pair of twisted pair in an insulating jacket, in order to reduce the degree of interference signal, cable in each twisted pair is composed of two mutually insulated copper wire twisted together, so it is called twisted pair. Twisted pair divided into unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (STP).

Currently on the market to sell the UTP is divided into 3 categories, the 4 category, the class of the super class of the 5 and the 6 category of the five kind:

The 3 category: transmission rate to support the 10Mbps, the outer layer of thin rubber, leather, note "cat3"

The 4 category: the network is not commonly used

The 5 category (over 5 categories): the transmission rate to support 100Mbps or 10Mbps, the outer layer of protective rubber thick, leather note "cat5"

5 super twisted pair in the transmission signal than the average 5 UTP attenuation smaller, stronger anti-interference ability, in 100M network, the degree of interference only 5 lines of 1/4, the transmission distance is long, showing good performance.

6 category: generally used in Gigabit networks.

STP is divided into 3 categories and the 5 category of, STP and UTP the same as the internal, aluminum foil, anti-interference ability, high transmission rate but expensive.

Twisted pair wiring for star network connection is installed at both ends of the RJ-45 head (crystal head), and the hub is connected with a network card, the maximum cable length of 100 meters, if you want to increase the scope of network, between the two twisted pair can be installed up to install 4 repeater, repeater, such as the installation of the 4 relay 5 the network, the maximum transmission range of up to 500 meters.

Coaxial cable:


It consists of a hollow cylindrical conductor and an inner conductor located at the central axis

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