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Multi-channel Video/Audio/Data/ETH Optical Add/Drop

Multi-channel Video/Audio/Data/ETH Optical Add/Drop

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The product is a fiber optical digital uncompressed multiplexer for transmitting 2 to 64 channels of uncompressed high quality video, bi-directional audio and data, 4 E1 and 10/100M Ethernet over two fibers.

It provides multiply optical ports to receive the video, audio and data from video transmitter and multiplex all of these video, audio and data into two fibers.

It supports daisy-chain and ring topology, with the video add/drop multiplexing technology, which makes it insert local video, audio and data into the transmission optical fibers, or drop the video, audio and data from the transmission optical fibers directly. The other video, audio and data will pass through without interference. With the technology, it provides a cost-effective solution for multiply equipments cascading and extending the transmission capacity up to 128 channels audio, video and data over a single fiber, or 256 channels over two fibers.

For the ring topology, it provides the feature of 1+1 transmission fiber protection and APS (Auto-Protection Switch). If one of the fiber is broken, the equipment will detected it and switch to another transmission path automatically without interrupt, which makes the data transmission with high stability.

At the receiving side, the de-multiplexer extracts all of video, audio and data from transmission optical fibers and output by the corresponding interfaces. The video, audio and data will be put into the cross connection device, for example, the video matrix, and then to be displayed on the screen or TV wall.

Applications for this product series include CCTV, video surveillance, ITS and etc.


●Multiplex 2 to 64 channels of high quality video audio and data over optical fiber

●Provide up to 64 optical ports to receive the video audio and data from the front-end video optical transmitters

●Support video, audio and data add to or drop from the transmission fibers

●Support multiple equipment cascading to extend the transmission capacity

●Support daisy-chain and ring topology, and 1+1 protection & APS for ring topology

●APS (Auto-Protection Switch) time less than 20ms

●Exceeds RS250C Medium Haul Specification for DG, DP and SNR on video

●5Hz~8MHz video bandwidth, Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM on video

●Uncompressed video, 8 /10 Bit digital encoding/decoding

●Support 4 E1, G.703 standard optional

●10M/100M Ethernet compatible with IEEE802.3 optional

●Easy installation and operation

●Transmission up to 80KM over optical fiber

●10U high, 19-inch wide chassis

●Modularized design for convenient upgrade and replacement

●Support dual-power supply redundancy


Typical Applications

Figure 1 Daisy-chain Topology Application


Figure 2 Ring topology Application




Local Insert: up to 64 no.

Backhaul input: 2 no.

Backhaul output: 2 no.

Connector: FC/SC optional

Mode: single-mode

Distance: 20/40/60/80Km




Power, Optical Link Status

Video Signal, E1 Alarm, Ethernet Status


Channel: 2~64


Video Signal: 1Vp-p, 75Ω

Digitization: 8/10 bits,

Bandwidth 8MHz

DG <1%

DP <1o

SNR >65dB


Channel: 2~64

Audio Input: unbalanced, 600 Ohms

Digitization: 16bit@48k

Frequency: 10Hz to 20KHz

SNR: >70dB


Channel: 2~64

Data Rate: 0~23.04Kbps/Ch

Format: RS232, RS422/RS485

●E1 support:

Bit rate: 2.048Mb

Line code: HDB3

Standard: ITU-T G.703

Connector: CC3(1.0/2.8)

line impedance: 75ohm

Jitter Performance: G.742 and G.823


Data Rate: 10/100Mbps auto detect

Standard: IEEE802.3

Connector: RJ45

Auto-negotiation with half/full duplex


Operating: -40oC~+70 oC

Storage: -40oC~+85 oC

Humidity: 0-95% Non-Condensing

●Physical Dimension:

441(W)x340(D)x445(H) (mm)

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