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Moving Targets Counting


Moving Targets Counting

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Product introduction

The amount statistics about moving objects are through the video signal gather from cameras, and analyzed by software. Besased on the characteristics of moving objects from the video screen,  the software will count the object which through the setting of scheduled region and direction. It can detect the shape of moving objects through video analysis, and can also accurately record information of how many moving objects have passed through scheduled areas at scheduled direction. The excellent algorithm greatly improved the statistical accuracy. it can be used on occasion which the moving objects need restriction and statistics. the advange of such system is that it needs less hardware devices, mainly collects video signal by cameras and analyzes the amount of moving objects through software.
Moving objects statistical systems are using computer vision technology. it means a process to analyze, process, apply on the image. There are three steps about a complete system on moving objects statistic. It mainly includes: background learning, moving object extraction and tracking, objects recognition and behavior analysis.

Automatically detect the moving objects in the image, and counting according to the setting on the scheduled area.
Mainly used in shopping malls, business hall, the people flow statistics helps to analyze the situation of commercial operators.
the statistical data can be displayed on the video screen directly.
can separately count the objects have passed through multiple areas in the same one channel video screen.
Can be integrated into DVP platform. Support management, testing, displaying, analyzing, controlling together with Non-intelligent devices.
Can detect and analyze many channels video image synchronically at the same time. The multi-channel video image about detected trajectory and intelligent analysis results can be Arbitrarily designated to display in real time on single-screen (standard configure:16-channels, Can be expanded)


The Statistics about the number of passengers in bus;The Statistics about people flow in Customs/shopping mall/business hall;Detection of anti-tail about A/B door;Real-time monitoring of road conditions, etc.

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