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Industrial Switch (PoE)

Managed Channel Isolated Optic Gigabit and Electric 100M Industrial Ethernet Switch

1 System Introduction

1.1 Overview                     

F6-M211C9&F6-2118-POE are channel isolated Ethernet optical transceiver, supports ring and chain topology over 1.25Gb/s optical fiber.

F6-M211C9 adopts 19 inch and 1U height standard chassis, provides two 1.25Gb/s optical interfaces and nine 10M/100M Ethernet interfaces, used as the central office traffic aggregation; F6-2118-POE adopts compact design, provides one 10M/100M Ethernet interface, used as the remote equipment of the F6-M211C9. The 9 Ethernet data channels from the 9 remote F6-2118-POE separately can be converted into the F6-M211C9, all the channels are isolated from each other.

With low power consumption, high integration and well stability, F6-M211C9&F6-2118-POE are cost-competitive solution for the application such as the telecommunication, the electric power and the finance fields.


1.2 Feature

n F6-M211C9 is 19 inch and 1U high; F6-2118-POE adopts compact design with dimension of 238mm×34mm×128mm

n Optical interface

Ø Two optical interfaces; SFP optical module (LC interface); Hot plugging

Ø The line bit rate is 1.25Gb/s, transmission distance is optional (depend on the SFP optical module)

Ø Supports optical line 1+1 protection

Ø Supports Remote Power down Detect (FB-PD) function

n Ethernet interface

Ø RJ45 connector, support auto-negotiation, which can work in 100M full-duplex mode

Ø Proprietary technique (patent pending) adopted to prevent Ethernet frames from looping back in case of unexpected transmission line loopback

Ø F6-M211C9 provides 9 Ethernet interfaces

Ø F6-2118-POE provides 1 Ethernet interface

Ø Each Ethernet interface fixed to one channel with 100Mb/s bandwidth, all the channels are isolated from each other.

Ø Supports Ethernet data transparent transmitted, the maximum packet length is 1552 bytes

n NE Management

Ø Provides serial management interface(CONSOLE) for CLI management

Ø Provides Ethernet management interface (EMU) for WEB management

Ø Supports remote management for F6-2118-POE via embedded management channel

Ø Supports ring and chain topology

Ø Supports auto topology discovery

Ø Monitoring the alarms and status in real-time

n Supports redundancy backup power

Ø -48V DC single power access;

Ø 220V AC single power access;

Ø -48V DC+220V AC double power access;


2 Application

    F6-M211C9 and F6-2118-POE supports ring, single/double chain topology.

    As Figure 3-1 shows, F6-M211C9 and nine remote equipment F6-2118-POE compose a double chain topology, each remote equipment occupy one channel with 100Mb/s bandwidth on the optical fiber. All the channels are isolated from each other.


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