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Managed Intelligent Auto-Sensing LED Street Lighting

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Beijing Fibridge intelligent sensing LED street lighting system can widely be used in tunnel and main road lighting, which is featured by 24 hours lightning demand and high lamps density, therefore makes a significant efficiency in saving power and extending lamp lifetime, energy saving is up to 85%. Although main road lighting is used only at night, the energy saving and economic benefits is considerable due to high power consumption of main road LED lighting lamps, no less than 150W usually.


Auto sensing LED lighting technology means to shut down lights or maintain a very low brightness under circumstance of no pedestrian and vehicles, while to turn it to normal level when pedestrian and vehicles need lighting. Actual field test proves the auto sensing LED lighting technology reaches an energy saving of 90% comparing to conventional underground parking garage’s fluorescent lamps.


Auto sensing LED lighting has been more and more used in indoor occasions including underground parking, corridors, etc. for its advantages such as outstanding energy saving effect and extension to LED lamps lifetime.


However, outdoor environment is more complicated than indoor environment, till now we seldom see auto sensing lighting technology is applied in outdoor case. Comparing to indoor environment, the main differences of outdoor environment is big noise, strong interference and long requested sensing distance. Technologies such as sound control, infrared sensors and microwave sensor, which are generally used in traditional indoor auto sensing LED lighting, has fatal defect in outdoor application, especially in main roads.


According to characters of outdoor lighting, Beijing Fibridge launches a brand new auto sensing LED street lighting technology specially aiming at outdoor streets. As well as realizing secondary energy saving, application of auto sensing technology in LED street lighting remarkably extends LED lamps lifespan.


With more than 20 years’ experiences in field of LED lighting, telecom and surveillance, Beijing Fibridge applies intelligent video technology in LED street auto sensing lighting, and base on this, launches intelligent sensing LED street lighting system, realizes intelligent management to street LED lighting, as well as secondary energy saving.


Intelligent sensing LED street lighting consists of LED street lamp, LED street lamp controller and LED street lamp intelligent video sensor. Applying LED lighting, intelligent video analysis and ZigBee technology, intelligent LED lighting multi-service management platform system is a management and control system to LED street lighting, with character of physical networking. Aiming at outdoor lighting requirement, the system can be widely used in campus and park roads, square, city roads, highway, tunnel, etc., realizes intelligent control to street lamp brightness.


figure 1

Intelligent LED lighting multi-service management platform has primary function of street lamp management, manual control to street lamp brightness, automatic control to street lamp brightness and street lamp intelligent control.


(1)Street lamp management: the system can add and search street lamp manager, and by which obtain street lamp information and status.


figure 2


(2)Street lamp brightness manual control: group street lamps brightness can be manually controlled by the platform system.


Street time setting

Mode: manual   Auto


Figure 3


(3)Street lamp brightness auto control: LED street lamp brightness level can be customized by time period, and on the basis of such brightness level, system street lamp brightness control can be realized.


figure 4


(4)Street lamp intelligent video control: during time frame when the function is turned on, it senses street status by intelligent video sensor, so as to control brightness of street lamp.


The three brightness control manners in this solution ranks from highest priority to lowest: manual control, intelligent video control, and auto control.


Concerning the application of LED intelligent video sensing street light and tunnel auto sensing LED intelligent lighting system, Beijing Fibridge releases three classic solutions: intelligent video sensing street light group application solution, intelligent video sensing street light group network management application solution, and intelligent video sensing street light multi-group network management solution.

figure 5 Intelligent video sensing LED light group application solution


Intelligent video sensing LED light group application solution: The solution groups the street light or tunnel light according to ZigBee network. Each group was allocated with one LED street light intelligent video sensor, which output signal is connected to corresponding LED street light’s controller. When LED street light intelligent video sensor detect vehicles or pedestrian entering sensing area, the sensor outputs signal to LED street light controller. After receiving signal, the controller turns on LED street lights, and transmits lightness control command to other street light in the same group by ZigBee, to realize the function of lighting up the whole group street light synchronously. The controller will reduce lightness or shut down the whole group of street lights if no vehicle passing during the set time, so as to reach a greater extension in energy saving.


The solution is relatively low cost, without any human action , is more suitable for highway , rural or remote areas, roads and tunnels.


figure 6


Intelligent video sensing street light group network management application solution: To group street light and tunnel light according to ZigBee network, and allocate one LED street light intelligent video sensor and LED street light network manager to each group. LED street light intelligent video sensor senses vehicles and pedestrian inside its district, and fulfills its job to lit the whole group of lights. LED street light network manager connects with Intelligent LED lighting multi-service management platform through Ethernet, in the meanwhile, communicates with LED street light groups by ZigBee, to realize management and control to LED street light.


This solution is relatively high cost, relying on Ethernet system construction, is mainly suitable for schools, factories, parks, residential and other scenes.


figure 7


Intelligent Video sensing Street Light Multi-group Management Solution: To group street light or tunnel light according to ZigBee network, each group’s last LED street light or tunnel light has dual ZigBee transit modules, is also counted into next group. Multiple this kind of groups are made to a larger group, and is managed by one LED street light manager. Platform’s control command is transmitted from LED street light manager to nearest street light group through ZigBee. The street light controller with double ZigBee modules receives command, and transmits command to next group by the second ZigBee module. Each group is equipped with one LED street light intelligent video sensor, which is used to detect pedestrian and vehicles inside monitoring area under non-human intervene circumstances, so as to change lightness of unit group.


This solution with cost between the two solutions above, usually used for the entire road street centralized control, can be mainly used in urban roads.


Relying on security surveillance networks, with more powerful advantage, Beijing fibridge auto sensing LED lighting system can transmit the lighting system’s network management information by security surveillance network, convenient to realize the combination with urban security surveillance system, for centralized dispatch and management.


Auto sensing LED street lighting system has advantages of greater energy saving, convenient installation, flexible application, easy maintenance, etc., in the meanwhile, extends LED street lamp lifespan greatly because it work under dark status when no vehicles and pedestrians. Accompany with popularization and application of the product, subsequent product will be available on LED street lighting system with broadband port and HD video surveillance with almost no cost adding, further functions will also be provided on aspects of LED lighting intelligent application and combination of internet of things.

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