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Video Surveillance Optic Transmission

Leaving Detection


Leaving Detection

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Product introduction

User can define various alert area.  Provides an alarm when an item is removed from its region and indicate its track using alarm frame. Detection can be defined to immediately alarm when an object is removed/stolen or to allow temporary removal of an object provided the object is restored to the same location within the specified time limit. Also can classify the direction of the removed object.

Automatically detect person, vehicles and other moving objects removed from the designated area. Former position marked.
Provide PTZ tracking vision-guided tracking, classify and warning of the moving object.
Customizable architecture, number, color and action after alarm of the warning region.
Support integrated to the DVP platform. could be manage,display,detect and analysis together with the non-intelligent devices simultaneously.
Arbitrary number of  video signal(standard 16 channel, could be expanded at random) detection and analysis simultaneously; the result could be real-time displayed on any preassigned screen.every video signal could analyze 8 different action and regulation simultaneously.


Prevent prison break and kids who left the safe place from the kindergarten. etc.

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