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Video Surveillance Optic Transmission

Intelligent video analysis processing unit


Intelligent video analysis processing unit

Brand name:

Product introduction


Intelligent Video Analytics Equipment is the product using the up-to-date technology which can be integrated easily into your existing analog CCTV(closed circuit television)system, helping users migrate make full use of the present resources, achieve management and transmission by digitizing and netting video, audio and data; it could make judgment for aware of objects, cross boundary, tripwire, multi-line tripwire etc. by regular setting, provide intelligent video analytic results to customer through output and storage alarm information.
Intelligent Video Analytics Equipment digitize analog video, audio and data, and then send digital motive images directly over an IP network by using up-to-date H.264 compressed technology. It essentially turns an analog video system into a network video system and enables users to view live video using a Web browser or management software on any local or remote computer on a network. It allows authorized viewers from different locations to simultaneously access videos from the same analog camera, as well as IP cameras when they are added to the system.

  Using state-of-the-art H.264 encoding technology
  Support Full D1 resolution(704*576),speed rate is 25 frames/sec;
  Provide 1 Video,1Audio,1 RS485 Data,2 alarm input/output ports
  OSD supported. Customized information, such as system time, words and pictures settings available
  Support USB(host 1.1) port and SD card, easily to store and record video
  Support Pelco-P, Pelco-D and YAAN
  Setting parameter and watch video images by using WEB
  Fi-View-VS managed software provide multi-picture, support digital video motion detection and event triggered alarm processing;
  Intelligent analytic system allows authorized viewers make setting regularly, it could make judgment for aware of objects, cross boundary, tripwire, multi-line tripwire etc., support alarm output and storage

3.Typical Application


  Main Processor: High performance embedded microprocessor
  Operating System: LINUX
  management software : Fi-View-VS

  Connector: RCA
  Audio Compression
G.711, ADPCM

  Video Input:1 Channel, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
  Video Standards: PAL(625Line,50f/s),NTSC(525Line.60f/s)
  Video Compression: H.264
  Video Resolution: D1/ HalfD1/ CIF/ QCIF
  Frame speed: PAL 1f/s-25f/s NTSC 1f/s-30f/s

  Connector: BNC

  Rate: 10/100Mbps auto-detectable
  Connector: RJ45
   Half/Full Duplex auto-negotiation

  PTZ control,
  Connecter: Terminal Block with Screw Clamps connector

  2 channel bi-directional
  Connector: Terminal Block with Screw Clamps
  Normally open for output
  Nominal switching capacity: 3A/277VAC or 3A/30VDC

USB Interface
  1 Host port
  Compatible with USB 1.1 U-disk

SD Interface
  Compatible with popular SD cards

  Power Supply: 12VDC
  Power consumption: <10w
  Working Temperature: 0℃
  Working Humidity: 10%
  Atmosphere Pressure: 86kpa


5.Video Analytics Demo

A. Stopped vehicle Detection; B. Unattended article detection; C. Intrusion detection ; D. Multi-line Tripwire

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