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Video Surveillance Optic Transmission

Intelligent video analysis processing center

Intelligent video analysis processing center

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Product introduction

Brief Introduction

Fibridge intelligent video analysis platform is a series of network compressed video products that our company developed with many years of video audio products development and promotion experience. This series of products can be easily integrated into existing analog CCTV surveillance system to allow customers to use existing resources to achieve digital video and audio and fulfill network transmission and management; It also can set the rules to implement object recognition and estimate behaviors like crossing guard line, crossing tripwire, activate alarm output and storage, and provide customers with intelligent video analysis results.

Fibridge intelligent video analysis platform firstly makes analog video and audio to digital and uses the latest H.264 compression technology to compress, and integrates the data and alarm signals to transmit through the IP network. Users can use special software or directly using the WEB browser to watch video images anytime and anywhere, and make relevant control. Through permission settings and encryption algorithms, it ensures video security for accessing images and transmission security.


●Using updated H.264 encoding technology, with a lower bit rate to achieve much better image quality.

●Supports 1-16 Channel Full D1 resolution or 4* CIF resolution, Max 25 frames/sec @ D1 resolution

●It can provide 1-16Ch Video, audio, RS485 data,  and 1 -32 Ch alarm input and output interfaces

●Support OSD setting, including time, text or picture types

●Support USB(host 1.1) and SD ports to record videos (Optional)

●It can set parameters and viewing video images through WEB

●Support Pelco-D/Pelco-P/YAAN PTZ Control

●Using Fi-View-VS software to monitor or configure the setting to do real-time play, record, search and playback

●With intelligent analysis system, authorized users can set rules to carry out object recognition, cross-border, tripwire, double trip lines detection, resulting in alarm output and storage





 ProcessorAdpot special  ASIC chipset

Audio Connector

Video interface
 One Video Input
1.0Vp-p, 75ΩBNC
 Video PAL
D1/ HalfD1/ CIF/ QCIF
PAL 1f/s-25f/s NTSC 1f/s-30f/s

Ethernet connector
10/100Mbps auto-negotiation
RJ45 port
 Full duplex/Half Duplex Auto-sensing

 Used in PTZ control
 Connector:Industry terminal

Alarm input/output
 2 Dual input/out channel
Industry port
 Output adopt popular mode
 Output port driving capability
3A/277VAC or 3A/30VDC

 1 Hose port
 Compliable with version 1.1

SD connector
 Standard SD port,comply with popular types

 Power:input 220
110V,output 12V ,100W dual power backup
 Slots number
16 slots

Outside power12VDC
 Power <10w
 Work temperature
0℃ 55℃
 Work humid
10% 90%
86kpa 106kpa
 Standalone installation
90%,without condensation



A. Stopped vehicle Detection; B. Unattended article detection; C. Intrusion detection ; D. Multi-line

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