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Video Surveillance Optic Transmission

Intelligent Video Analysis DVP Management Platform


Intelligent Video Analysis DVP Management Platform

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Product introduction


Fibridge-DVP offers the most optimized total solution for network video surveillance and enriches your video value.
Based on popular Client/server frame, Fibridge DVP can pass through any kinds of IP network (Unicast/Multicast) to transmit and manage digital video and audio, and provides network video surveillance management system on the basis of Browser/Server frame.
Fibridge-DVP digital video surveillance management platform is compatible with popularly used DVR. Using Fibridge DVP, user can browse, control, configure and manage video/audio of the DVR quickly and conveniently.

1, Features and benefits:
* Easily install and simply use
* Easily enlarge capacity and cost effective
* Flexible and easy storage, redundant backup available
* Support synchronous visit to multi-channel video without adding bandwidth cost
* Virtual matrix, entire network popedom attemper
* Transmit storage, real-time surveillance, and synchronous backup
* One platform with entire network maintenance

2, Fibridge DVP typical application topology:

Order Information:
DVP Video Management Platform
DVP V3.0 Local Area Network M1    Standard Version,0-50 point
                                                               Standard Version,50-252 point
                                                               Standard Version,252-1000 point
                                                               Standard Version, above 1000 point
DVP V3.0 M2                   Public Network, LAN, support cross segments
DVP V3.0 M3                   Streaming Media Server software,support store-and-forward
DVP V3.0 M4                                 Support synchronous visit
DVP V3.0 M5                   Virtual Matrix,Matrix rules,surveillance polling
DVP V3.0 M6                   Local play network storage 264 file
DVP V3.0 M7                   Private encryption module,support transmission and storage
DVP V3.0 M8                   OEM



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