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Intelligent Auto-sensing Street Light Demo Video:


The 23s demo video cover total 8 auto-sensing LED lights with 2 groups, No.1-6 make group 1 and No.7-8 make group 2, Auto-sensor was with No.1 light and No.4 light.


Car passed the No.1 light triggering the first sensor, then make the 6 lights of the first group full lighting, i.e 180m lighting range ahead of the car, while car passed the second sensor at he No.4 light, at this moment, lighting range from 180m to 100m, No.7-8 lights of the group 2 was triggered then No.7-8 full lighting.


This system would guarantee minimum 100m lighting ahead of the car. Please watch the video, the moment of the triggered full lighting were at 6s and 12s.


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