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Application of Intelligent Sensing Technology in High Power Solar LED Street Lighting


With the fantastic spur in solar technology, solar power, a green energy, has been utilized extensively. Besides, what’s even more fascinating is the considerable development in solar-related LED technology. In light of this advancement, solar technology and LED street lighting has become a highly promising combination for energy solution.

Nevertheless, there are still many challenges in applying solar energy to high power solar street light. The biggest problem is the solar energy panel is too large, not suitable to be installed and fixed on 10 meter’s pole. Furthermore, high capacity of battery leads to high overall cost, which has also became a barrier of high power solar LED street light’s development.


We can further optimize high power LED solar street light from multiple aspects, make it more perfect undoubtedly, it will be meaningful explore that utilizing the solar penal of the smallest size possible and the battery with the least demanded capacity. In the respect of intelligent auto-sensing technology, or be called smart sensing technology, this article is committed to probe the high power LED street lighting’s significant improvement brought by the mentioned technology. Just imagine how meaningful it will be if solar panel and storage battery reduce by 50%, or even more, through adoption of certain technology.


Intelligent Video-Sensing Solar LED Street Light-Block Diagram


Beijing Fibridge Technology intelligent sensing system designed especially for LED street light, is actually a built-in visual perception system for LED street light. The visual perception system can sharply sensor surrounding environment. The intelligent LED street light is on full-power mode when vehicles and pedestrians are sensed; while turns to dimming mode when there is no vehicles and pedestrians, so as to realize street light’s intelligent energy-saving, and extend street light life.


The application of intelligent sensing technology usually saves energy by 50%, or even more. With its use to solar LED street light, the energy saving of 50% means to fulfill the same lighting effect by using only half solar panel and storage battery. Moreover, considering the ordinary storage battery’s replacement life is five years, the save on battery will constantly benefits incoming storage battery’s replacement, which is easily be ignored by people.


We know that people may worry about whether the sensing distance can meet actual demand. That is to say, before the traffic comes, whether the system can activate the LED street light from dimming mode to full power brightness mode. People may not like such frequent brightness change on LED street light. In fact, the concern is unnecessary. Because we are completely able to adjust intelligent LED solar street light’s sensing parameter, to make this affection minimal.


Beijing Fibridge solar LED street light’s embedded automatic sensor uses automatic image sensing technology, which means the image sensor captures the video of moving objects, movement activates LED street light from sleeping to full power lighting, that is to say no sensing distances limitation for the video capture can be very far. Further more, differs with conventional sensing technology, besides of moving target, Beijing Fibridge intelligent image sensing technology also senses vehicle beam lights at night so as to trigger LED street light to full brightness lighting, which significantly extend sensing distance of this intelligent solar LED street light. More important, after activation, LED street light’s full power brightness lighting duration period can be configured any long you need. Now the usual set time is 30 seconds, just image if we make it 2 minutes or longer, due to busy traffic and the sequential moving vehicles in rush hour,there must be continuously trigger within 2 minutes. This means the street light will be keeping full power lighting state on during all the rush hours. Therefore, it’s unnecessary to worry either the issue of sensing distance in busy traffic period, or the light turning from full brightness lighting to dimming status. That’s to say the product is a normal full brightness LED street light in rush hour due to the constant triggers, and the lower power dimming lighting sleep mode can only be effected while traffic is rare.


The triggered full power brightness retention time of the Intelligent solar LED street light can be adjusted any long as needed, thus it will rise to numerous practical energy-saving features, actually the 70% functionality of managed LED road light can be realized by setting full power retention time of the intelligent video sensor built in the solar LED road light.


For those who prefer normal LED street lights, we can set a longer holding time of full power lighting to maintain a long stable high brightness state at rush hours, so that the sensor play a role only when the vehicle is scarce.


And for those who care energy-saving of their solar LED street light, we can reduce full power lighting holding time of the LED street lamp after the triggering to make the trigger sensor more sensitive, so more energy efficient. Even more than that, we can set the most power saving state to set the trigger sensors only valid during rush hours, but disable the video sensor automatically when traffic is scarce, if so, even the vehicle is passing through to trigger the sensor, the solar LED street light still keep the sleeping lower power dimming lighting status.



Take an example of the outskirts trunk road with 120w solar LED street lighting, whole night lighting time is normally 10 hours, usually suburban road vehicles triggered all light periods accumulated three hours, the other seven hours is 20% power brightness sleeping state, Actual equivalent to 52.8 watts of power, calculated formula is as follows:

(3hx120w)/10h + (20%x7hx120w)/10h = 52.8w

Power consumption is reduced by 56%, meaning that now only need to use 44% of original solar panels and batteries; we can achieve the effects of 120W original solar led street lighting. The Saving solar panels and batteries is more than half.


In conclusion, by using Beijing Fibridge intelligent image sensing technology, solar led lights can reduce by 50% or more of the solar panels and batteries use. Under the premise of does not affect the lighting effects, which makes solar LED lights weigh much lighter and easier to install and fix on the high 10m lamp pole in the windy air, make total cost lower, and achieve the solar LED street lighting power multiplied.

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