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HDMI Optical Transmission

HDMI Optical Transmission

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Product introduction



1. Overview

HDMI-T1/R1 Fiber transceiver are consisted of HDMI Transmitter(HDMI-T1) and HDMI Receiver(HDMI-R1),it transmits the signal of HDMI、Audio、RS232 by one core fiber. It is often necessary to make long distance transmission for HDMI digital video and audio signal sources in the multimedia application system. But when you use the common cable for long distance transmission, it always appear the phenomenon of poor signal, easy interfered, image’s fuzzy, trailing, color separation, the distance of transmission is short, so it can not meet the requirement of long distance transmission for the multimedia information distribution. Once you use HDMI-T/R Fiber Transceiver with one core fiber for transmitting HDMI signal, the above-mentioned problem are totally disappeared, one core fiber can transmit the distance of transmission up to 1-20 km. At the same time, HDMI Fiber Optic Transceiver has less attenuation, the bandwidth is wide, the anti-interference is strong, high safety performance, small volume and light weight; therefore, it has superiority in the long distance transmission and under special environment. In addition, HDMI-T/R fiber transceiver with one core can transmit the signal of RS232 serial port for the communication of LCD, holder of projector and also for touch panel with long distance transmission.

This device supports HDCP, it can transmit the blue-light HD Disc player. In the application of multimedia system, using HDMI fiber transceiver( with one core fiber) that will saves not only the cost of construction but simplified the wiring arrangement, it also guarantees the quality with high performance.

HDMI-T1 is fiber transmitter, HDMI-R1 is receiver, two devices combined together will realize that HDMI-T1 transmit the signal of HDMI Video, audio and RS232 with long distance through one core fiber to HDMI- R1. It is specially applicable for the high definition video signal transmission in the platform of Metro, military exercise, HD Camera in the long distance transmission.


2. Specification


Quantity of Channel: 1

Video Specification: HDMI

Input Level: 1Vp-p

Output Level: 1Vp-p


Transmitting power: -9.5~-3dBm average fiber power @850nm

Fiber receiving sensitivity: -23dBm average fiber power@850nm

Output Fiber modulation amplitude: 180μW

Input Fiber modulation amplitude: ≤15μW

Relative dispatch strength: -116 DB/Hz

Return Loss: ≤10 dB

Transmission Distance: 0~20km over Single mode Fiber

Connector: SC/FC/ST optional

●Input and output resolution

640X480 @ 70fps

800X600 @ 70fps

1024X768 @ 60fps

1280X1024 @ 30fps

1600X1200 @ 30fps

720X480 @ 60fps

720X576 @ 50fps

1280X720 @ 30fps

1440x900 @ 30fps

1400 x1050 @ 30fps

1680x1050 @ 30fps

1360x768 @ 30fps

1920X1080 @ 25fps


Power consumption: 10W

Power input: 9-12VD


Working temperature: -40℃~+70℃

Storage temperature: -40℃~+85℃

Humidity: 0~95%(No condensing)


3. Typical Application

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