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Video Surveillance Optic Transmission

HD decoding matrix

HD decoding matrix

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Product introduction


F19-7000 series of HD decoding matrix is independently developed by Beijing Fibridge Co., Ltd. It’s a new generation of HD network video decoding output device, which uses the H.264 video decoding algorithm, supports up to a single screen 16 channels of 720p HD video decoding output in real time, and with output preview, flexible combination of screens, fast switching, timed round play, user-defined round play plan and other functions. Multiple F19-7000 Series of HD decoding matrix can be interconnected with our HD Matrix Control Center, Central Management and Control Platform, NVR and other equipments to form a powerful security monitoring system.
The product can be widely used in a variety of video surveillance sites at home and abroad, such as Intelligent Transportation ( Electronic Police, Highway Toll Stations, Ports, Airports, Customs), Military Site( Ammunition Depots, Missile Sites, Military Barracks, Command Posts, Border Control Posts), Prisons, Detention Centers, Power Stations, Government Agencies, Public Safety, Schools, families and etc.

●Provide HDMI / DVI / VGA video output interface
●Advanced H.264 decoding algorithm, clear screen
●Built-in special decoding GPU, with a superior ability to decode
●Compatible with the full range of Fibridge camera and video server products
●Support 720p, D1, CIF, QCIF wide range of resolutions
●Support single-screen 1/4/9/16 split screen output, up to 16 channels of 720p HD video image output at the same time
●Combination of HD decoding matrix control center to achieve the free mix and switch of images. Any channel image can be displayed on any split-screen
●Support multiple channel images split display free
●Support manual and automatic round play, the user can customize a variety of round play plan
●Combination of NVR can achieve video recording and playback independently at the same time of each other. Single-screen full-screen playback,  but also multi-channel ●playback at the same time.
●Support multiple HD decoding matrix network in parallel to achieve multiple-channel input and output entire network cross-function.

●Video Output
VGA output: 1 channel, Max. support 1920*1080/60Hz
HDMI output: 1 channel, Max. support 1920*1080/60Hz
DVI output: 1 channel, Max. support 1920*1080/60Hz
●Video Decoding Parameters
Supported Resolutions: UXGA
720pVGA , D1Half D1, CIFQCIF
1~25 f/s
Display Channels
1/4/9/16 split-screen display
●External Interface
Network Interface
1, 10/100/1000M automatic Ethernet interface
USB Interface
2, support USB2.0
Power Input
Max. Power Dissipation
Working Temperature
Working Humidity
0~90%No Condensation
445mmW× 90mmH× 480mmD

Typical Application


Image 1    To form a typical medium-sized monitoring solution with NVR


Image 2    To form a typical large-sized monitoring solution with multi in parallel


Order Information
F19-7104  single screen, 4 split-screen output, support 720p HD video signal real-time display
F19-7109  single screen, 9 split-screen output, support 720p HD video signal real-time display
F19-7116  single screen, 16 split-screen output, support 720p HD video signal real-time display

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