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HD IP Video Surveillance

HD IP Camera

HD IP Camera

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Product introduction


HD IP Box Camera is a latest generation surveillance camera. It achieves surveillance scene imaging up to 2M pixels resolution, high-definition video compression and streaming transmission to customers on the other side by IP network. It enables users to get real-time high-definition video images (up to 1600H*1200V, 15frames per second) of the surveillance scene via internet or intranet, available with a web browser, a streaming media player or the smart DVP (Digital Video Platform), and authorized users also can remotely control and configure parameters of the images, camera, PTZ and network, etc..
The camera can be used in a variety of video surveillance sites in country or abroad, such as ITS (electronic police system, highway ports, seaports, airports, customs), military site (ammunition depots, missile launch sites, barracks, command posts, border posts), prisons, detention centers, power plants, government agencies, public safety, schools and families, etc..

●Platform management:
Works well with DVP, achieves the goal to build a central monitoring system.

●HD resolution:
Video images up to 1920*1080@30fps resolution, dual code stream supported;
Multiple resolution options: 1600*1200, 1920*1080,1280*720, 720*576, 640*480, etc.; 
2M pixels image captured.
●High integration:
Deploy the high performance multimedia communication processor, so as to achieve fair stability and reliability;
Imaging devices apply a 2M pixels CMOS image sensor;
2A embedded image processing algorithms to provide high-quality images: auto white balance, auto exposure control, auto gain control;
Supports advanced H.264 compression standard, low-bandwidth occupied;
Multi-protocol supported: TCP / IP, HTTP, UDP, FTP, RTP;
With built-in Web server, authorized users can remotely manage, watch and record videos or else.
●Various external interfaces:
1 channel audio input and output: provides built-in microphone, supports for two-way voice intercom;
SD 2.0 and USB 2.0 interfaces: provide redundant local storage strategy;
Auto Iris: DC-driven or video-driven auto-iris lens supported;
Ethernet: 10/100Mbps, auto-negotiation Ethernet port;
Analog Video Output: CVBS output with BNC connector;
Communication: 1 channel RS485 interface;
Alarm: 1 channel Alarm input and 1 channel alarm output available;
Power supply: DC +12 V, or POE (Power over Ethernet);
Lens: CS mount type

for C-type LENS a CS-C adapter is needed.
Supports online smooth software upgrade;
Adjustable contrast, brightness, color, saturation and other image parameters;
OSD: Supports time superposition;
Built-in clock, supports synchronization from externals;
Minimum illumination: 0.5 Lux/ F 1.2 (Color);
Power consumption: as low as 5W.

●Ethernet port
 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation
 RJ45 connector, with LINK/ACT, and DUPLEX/COL indicators
 Full-duplex / half-duplex
 1-ch stereo output, with 2.5mm ear-phone jack
 1-ch audio input, with built-in microphone or external audio input,
     2.5mm ear-phone jack
●Alarm input and output
 1-ch alarm input (signal) and 1-ch alarm output (switch signal)
 2.54mm, 3-position terminal block connector
 3.0-8mm, manually
 Auto IRIS control supported
 1/3 Inch size
 CS Type mount interface
 F 1.0
●USB interface (Optional)
 Fully compatible with USB2.0
●Analog video output (Optional)
 1Vpp output level
 BNC 75 ohm connecter
 2.54mm, 3-position terminal block connector
●SD interface (Optional)
 SD protocol ver.2.0 supported, up to 4G capability
 SD card jack with auto-lock
●IRIS control interface (Optional)
 Standard 4-pin IRIS female connector
 DC-driven or video-driven optionally
●LED indicator
●Power supply
 Input voltage: DC12V
 Power consumption: 5W(max.)
 As PD device with PoE supported (optional)
●Operation environment
 Temperature: 0℃~45℃
 Humidity: 0~90%(non-condensed)
●Packing dimension
    120mm(L) x 68mm(W) x 55mm(H)
 Weight: 0.8Kg


4Order Information
X 1: Stands for camera type, 1-box, 2-PTZ dome, 3-dome, 4-waterproof, 5-WDR, 6- All-in-one
X 2: Output type, 1-analog, 2-IP
X 3: Resolution, 1-CIF
2-VGA3-720P4-1.3M pixel5UXGA61080P
X 4: Audio port, suffix "A" means with audio connector
X 5: Analog video output, suffix "V"
X 6: Support local storage (SD/USB hard disk storage), suffix "S"
X 7: Power over Ethernet, suffix "P" for PoE
X 8: Iris adjust mode, 1- DC drive, 2- video drive
X 9: Wireless, suffix "W"
Models with "-IR" support IR LED night vision.

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