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FC-613 MSTP Platform


FC-613 MSTP Platform

Brand name: Fibridge

Product introduction


FC-613 is a STM-1 optical transmission system, whose technical performances fully comply with ITU-T and ETSI standards. The system provides up to six STM-1 aggregate optical interfaces, completing synchronous timing features and a powerful non-blocking cross connection matrix. It can be used for building point-to-point, chain or ring networks, with SNCP features, serving departments of Telecom, Traffic or Energy industry, etc.

●As an ADM or TM multiplexer;
●Supports up to six STM-1 optical interfaces;
●Supports up to 231 E1-circuit add/drop;
●Provide Ethernet access of channelized E1;
●Support any connectivity at VC12 or VC3 level;
●Supports Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS) on each optical port
●Support SETS, it is possible to tracing the line port or external synchronization input, provide external synchronization output, and automatically handle timing source rearrangement according to the failure message or SSM;
●Support Path Protection and SNCP with switching time less than 50ms
●Support EOW system for site selection calling.
●Supports firmware download locally and remotely without disturbance of existing traffic
●NE management
• Supports network management based on PC via unified platform
• Provides 10/100Base-T Ethernet port or RS-232 serial port to connect local NMS (Network Management Station)

3Typical Application

Ring Topology


4Interface Parameters

●Optical interface
• Bit Rate: 155.520Mb/s±4.6ppm
•  Standard: ITU-T G.957/G.958
• Optical fiber: ITU-T G.652/G.653, single mode
• Work wavelength: 1310nm (1550nm is optional)
• Relay-free transmission range: 40Km (60~100Km transmission distance available, the user should declare before ordering)
• Sensitivity: Better than -36dB
• Connector: FC (SC is optional, the user should declare before ordering)
• Interface: S-1.1
●E1 Tributary interface
• Bit Rate: 2.048Mb/s±50ppm
• Coding: HDB3
• Standard: ITU-T G.703
• Connector: 2mm high density connector
• Impedance : 75Ω non-balanced (120 Ω balanced is optional)
• Jitter performance: Comply ITU-T G. 823
●Ethernet interface
• Bit Rate: 10/100M self-adapting
•  Mode : Full/half duplex self-negotiation
•  Standard: IEEE 802.3
•  Interface: RJ-45 connector
●ETS interface
• Standard: ITU-T G.703
• Bit Rate: 2.048Mb/s±50ppm
• Impedance: 120Ω balanced
• Coding: HDB3
• Interface: RJ45 connector
●EX interface
• Standard: ITU-T G.703
• Bit Rate: 2.048Mb/s±50ppm
• Impedance: 120Ω balanced
• Coding: HDB3
• Interface: RJ45 connector
●Console management interface
• Baud rate: 19200
• Bits: 8
• Stop bit: 1
• parity check: None
• Electricity level: EIA-RS232 standard
• Interface: RJ-45 connector
●RS-232 user interface
• Maximum bit rate: 9600
• Electricity level: EIA-RS232 standard
• Interface: RJ-45 connector
●Ethernet management interface
• Bit rate: 100Mb/s
• Connector: RJ45
Technical Parameters
●Dimension and weights
• Dimension: 483mm×265mm×295mm(width ×height ×depth)
• Weights: 12kg(Fully equipped weight)
●Environment requirements
• Working temperature: 0℃
• Relative Humidity: ≤95
%,no condensation
• Atmospheric pressure: 70~106 Kpa
●Power supply
• Input DC voltage: -36 ~ -72V DC
• Power consumption: Fully equipped power consumption: 70W±10%

5Ordering Information
       SDH chassis without power supply and business card

       DXC, EOW, Management, and Clock

       Database backup card, for management data and DXC data

       2xSTM-1 optic ports, 1+1 APS

       8E1 Mapper card

       21E1 Mapper card

       4E1 PDH tribute card

       8E1 PDH tribute card

       4 ch FOM card

       6x10/100M Eth access card

       4x10/100M optic EoS card

   4x10/100M EoS card


   External 220VAC power supply, 100W

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