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Video Surveillance Optic Transmission

Central Management Platform


Central Management Platform

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Product introduction


Product Introduction
F19-Server (central management platform) is a new generation backbone-class product which can work with NVR to do centralized configuration, management, streaming media services, alarm linkage on massive IP cameras. The product combines the latest HD network video and audio codec technology, network transmission technology, playback technology of data storage, it is with embedded-system architecture, optional latest intelligent video analytics capabilities.
The platform with the NVR products can not only work in the small and medium-sized LAN HD intelligent IP surveillance system, but also work at the complex inter-segment, cross-MAN or Internet monitoring system to meet the engineering companies, system integrators’ complex requirement.

●Using the latest technology of network architecture, even if thousands of channels audio and video should be scheduled at the whole network in the same time, the products can work stably.
●support for 30 days 7x24 hour operation
●Fully compatible with the video servers, intelligent video analysis equipment, SD IP camera, HD IP camera, the hemisphere, high-speed dome, and other network front-end equipment.
●Based on the latest H.264 codec technology, the data is security, the monitoring is smooth.
●Support for receiving initiative request about the video and audio from the decoding matrix control center, Request to NVR video and audio data transmission to the ●Specified decoding matrix, the audio and video data can realize to be in a unified manner.
●Support for monitoring the management of NVR equipment operating status, abnormal situation can be spotted.
●Support for assign permissions and privileges for users of the system.
●Support to maintain and update the equipment list, real-time monitoring of the status of front-end equipment.
●Support for the direct management, configuration and control of connected devices under the jurisdiction of NVR.
●Support for the whole network equipment warning receiver, forward, arm and disarm, and linkage
●Support for NVR's data synchronization to ensure data security and integrity.
●Support remote upgrade the main program, easy to maintain
●Support for audio and video pre-recorded, user can customize the pre-recorded time
●Support network status monitoring, real-time understanding of network conditions


The Software Interface


Typical Application


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F19-Server-4   Central management platform, 4U, 19’’ chassis

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