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Beijing Fibridge industrial fiber network equipment successfully bid for the Changchun subway project, which contains thousands of high-definition security monitoring points. Changchun subway Line 2 through the city east-west direction, the LvYuan, ChaoYang District, NanGuan District, Two way district  and economic development zone. Mainly through Changchun west station, cultural plaza, YaTai Garden residential area, Changchun economic and Technological Development Zone and other large passenger distribution centers, it is a large volume network in the line network. The train route is 36 kilometers long and the train uses 6 units. In December 13, 2017, full line tunnel, full line rail transit in January 15, 2018, planned to run in August 30, 2018. The subway tunnel environment is harsh, which has put forward higher requirements for the reliability of the equipment. Beijing optical bridge's 23 years professional optical transmission experience and many years' good reputation among its customers have made Beijing's optical bridge stand out and win the final recognition.


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