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Beijing Fibridge high-definition intelligent checkpost system


Beijing Fibridge high-definition intelligent checkpost system

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Product introduction


Beijing Fibridge high-definition intelligent checkpost system using vehicle license plate recognition and vehicle video detection & tracking technology to develop a comprehensive monitoring of motor vehicles & intelligent transportation systems, without the destruction of roads, the whole video intelligence monitoring, mainly for urban road or highway entrances and exits , toll stations, port and other important area where need real-time monitoring and recording, provide an effective analytical tools for the detection of Traffic Accident, motor vehicle theft and robbery and other crimes.

System Functions

1. Vehicle license plate automatic recognition: Can identify common blue plate, black plate, single yellow plate, and the plate of the armed police vehicles, military vehicles, police cars, 02 type and agricultural vehicles.

2. Accurately capture the characteristic images and panoramic images of vehicles passing through the intersection, and indicate the vehicle by time, location, speed, direction, plate number, plate color, vehicle color and other information in the panoramic images.

3. Support over speed alarm and dispatched blacklist alarm, and support both on-site and remote (TCP / IP, SMS, email, etc.) alarm.

4. Vehicles flow counting according to lanes and time periods, support a variety of standard print templates.

5. Support mixed use of HD and SD video, high-definition video used for the cab, and standard definition video used for license plate capture and recognition.

6. Vehicle inspection module: recognize the plate and compare with the blacklist, achieve alarm monitoring of suspicious vehicles.

7. Traffic flow detection module: provide flow statistics according to the sessions, models and lane direction, implement intelligent traffic management.

8. Vehicle monitoring module: To inquire, locate, record, count and monitor the vehicles, implement intelligent management of vehicles.

9. Unlicensed vehicles, blocking plate inspection: Detect and record vehicles unlicensed or with license blocked out

10. Automatically record vehicle images: capture vehicles passing the monitoring spot, store panoramic and characteristic pictures.

11. Automatically record vehicle information: Real-time record license plates, vehicle speed, model, driving directions and more.

12. Data retrieval: Support fuzzy query, data backup and print output function; with data transfer, remote maintenance and remote access capabilities.

13. Network query: realize network query of vehicle and driver information.

14. Blacklist monitoring dispatch: set up rules to monitor illegal vehicles and vehicles in arrears, and timely warning.

Key performance indicators


Video capture rate ≥ 99%
24 hours continuous monitoring
Whole plate recognition accuracy ≥ 95%
Vehicle classification accuracy ≥ 98%
Capture efficiency ≥ 96%
Identification time ≤ 10ms
Communication via RS-232/485, TCP / IP
Speed range 0-250 km / hour

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