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Beijing Fibridge Intelligent Transport Real-time Surveillance Platform


Beijing Fibridge Intelligent Transport Real-time Surveillance Platform

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Product introduction


Beijing Fibridge intelligent transport real-time surveillance solution platform is the intelligent video analysis solution used in road surveillance. The platform can count and analyse the vehicels from the video image, then detect and track the vehicle activities , automatically record abnormal activities, and send real-time alarm. When the road status in the image is abnornal, the alarm will start up immediately, so as to ensure the safe and unobstructed road.

The platform is transformed from powerful Beijing Fibridge intelligent video analysis DVP. It can monitor and manage multiple front nodes; combined query, revise and manage the images, records and vehicle peccancy related info of the block vehicle or peccancy vehicles transmited by front several noded. And automaticaly create run log and erroe log, automaticaly record all kinds of external signal change, stuff operation and error output in system running procedure, easier to technical supports and service.


System Function

1. System can monitor the transport information such as vehicle flow, average flow, average vehicle speed, occupy rate of the vehicle lane, queue length, etc.

2. Automaticaly detect diffent extent of traffic jam on monitored road, and send real-time alarm.

3. Automaticaly detect the illegal paking on monitored road, and send real-time alarm.

4. Automaticaly detect the illegal reverse driving on monitored road, and send real-time alarm.

5. Automatically detect the suspicious objects and littering on the monitored road, and send real-time alarm.

6. Automaticaly detect the behavior of pedestrians illegally crossing the road, and send real-time alarm.

7. Monitor front devices’ running status and network transmission. Realise not only the intelligent analysis, but also real-time video monitoring. Additional, support remote clock correction, location information setting, regulation setting, etc.

8.provides a variety of query and reporting modes, support fuzzy custom conditional queries.

9.Support variety of inducts method of the target individuals list. The information an administrator can add, delete and modify.

10.Monitor the targeted suspect vehicle and alarm.

11.Support grading alarm the variety of peccancy and targeted vehicles.

12.unified download, save and manage the video record of the front end.

13.statistical treatment to generate all kinds of report table and traffic citation automatically then publish it on the Web..

14.Can analysis the place, time, vehicle and other information of the violations to help managers further classify and investigate the violation to develop better traffic management schemes.

15.Real-time display the image or text message of the peccancy vehicle uploaded from the card monitoring station.

16.unified manage the traffic flow and generate a list or map according to access time

17.Hierarchical permission topological function

18.Can record the operation of system equipment and transport event alarm log; record operator login and operation log.



1. ITS
a)Jaywalking identification system
b)speed alarm system
c)overload alarm system
d)Black List extracting system


2.DMV(The Department of Motor Vehicles)


3.public security
a)card monitoring system
b)toll station
c)highway toll system
d)parking fees system
e)auto releasing system


4.Bus system, institution
a)traffic transference system
b)bus arrival reminding system

5.reight yard, coal yard, mineral reserves
a)weighing system



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