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Beijing Fibridge HD Intelligent Electronic Police System


Beijing Fibridge HD Intelligent Electronic Police System

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Product introduction

Beijing Fibridge HD Intelligent Electronic Police System is a new generation products developed by our company, the advanced core technology include license plate recognition, video detection, feature recognition, trajectory analysis, with independent intellectual property rights. The system is based on the video trigger, using intelligent image recognition technology and a leading highly efficient core technology of intelligent video surveillance and license plate recognition algorithm, it can well used in video vehicle positioning, tracking and behavior analysis, real-time detection of vehicle driving track, automatically determine vehicle types of illegal behavior, accurate records of motor vehicle violations, high efficiency, it can provide the sufficient evidence, less controversial, it is a powerful weapon for Strengthening Police system, and also a reliable guarantee for the smooth flow.



1.The detection of illegal red light running violations

2.The detection of Illegal parking violations

3.The detection of crossing the yellow line violations

4.The detection of Illegal crossing the line

5.The detection of Speeding violation

6.The detection of Illegal turn left, turn right

7.The detection of One-way street retrograde violations

8.The detection of occupy bus way illegal activities

9.The detection of occupy emergency road illegal activities

11.Car’s number plate recognition

12.Black list automatic alarm



Main Feature:

Video capture rate ≥99%

24 hours of continuous service

Recognizable rate ≥95%

Vehicle classification rate ≥98%

Capture efficient rate ≥96%

Recognizing time ≤10ms

Communication mode RS-232/485TCP/IP


Speed :0-250 miles/hour

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