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Intelligent LED Street Light

Auto-sensing Video Surveillance IP Camera LED Street Light

(We provide both the LED street light and also the key control modules inside for those LED street light manufacturers)


Auto-sensingVideo Surveillance IP Camera LED Street Lighting

30W-60W-90W-120W-150W-180W-240W LEDStreet Lighting with Video Surveillance Function


Fibridge Invention Patent # ZL201310717007.0

Fibridge Patent Intelligent Energy Saving make the Smart LED street light be capable of telling the heavy traffic rushhours and less traffic hour automatically, and work full power high brightness only at heavy traffic rush hours, But just at the late night, less traffic flow, the LED street light works at motion sensing 100% to 20% 30% etc. dimmingstate.

Fibridge Patent Intelligent Video- sensing LED Street Light, built in intelligent video motion sensor inside, sense notonly the moving object but also the vehicle's beam light at night, so the sensing distances could be hundred meters away for the moving object such as vehicle and people, i.e the LED street light work at 100% full power only while people and vehicle movement were sensed, after people and vehicle left some time later, the LED street light will back to a sleeping working state just as 20% 30%40% etc. of it’s full power, which is not only power saving but also lifespan extended due to the less heat dissipation for the lower power working state.

Besides, you can also easily get a HD real time video stream out from the intelligent video sensor inside the LED street light to make a HD video surveillance system.


Fibridge Video Surveillance ip Camera LED Street Light is exclusively invented by Beijing Fibridge , with 20 years’ experience in photoelectric industry. It is designed with dynamic PWM adjustment  technology and built in intelligent driven current regulation circuit. User friendly intelligence dimming is the biggest highlight of this product, the LED street light series can truly achieve automatically 100 lighting switch on when detecting object moving, and become dimming after object leaving a few seconds. Auto sensing, 2 Level dimming, saveenergy twice, effectively reduce energy consumption, make the LED lighting lifetime longer besides energy saving.


Further more, Video Surveillance LED Street Lighting can make Video Surveillance function by embedded Surveillance Camera, its a latest generation surveillance camera. It achieves surveillance scene imaging up to 2M pixels resolution,high definition video compression and streaming transmission to customers onthe other side by IP network. It enables users to get real time high definition video images (up to 1280H*720V, 30frames per second) of the surveillance scenevia internet or intranet, available with a web browser, a streaming media player or Fibridge smart DVP (Digital Video Platform), and authorized usersalso can remotely control and configure parameters of the images, camera, PTZ and network, etc. .the camera can be used in a variety of video surveillance sites, such as office block, shopping center, hotels, schools, underground garages, etc.


Technical Principle

Intelligent Sensing: with Image sensing technology used, it can distinguish people and car from all other movements such as trees and animals moving. Only when people and car comes, the LED   lights will be powered to 100% from the dimming such as about 20% lighting, and keeping lights just about 20% after people and car leaving over 15 seconds



1.     Saving energy consumption up to 70% V.S. metal halogen lamp at full brightness, and up to 90% energy with auto-sensing technology;

2.     High luminance of LED bean with flux of up to 120lm/W;

3.     High rate of Ra with up to 80 or better;

4.     Extraordinary performance on lumination uniformity;

5.     Dual- stage protection circuit inside to suppress surge and fluctuation introduced by power supply;

6.     Excellent performance on heat dissipation with special designed Fin- type aluminum radiat

7.     Extreme long lifetime up to 50000 Hrs., or 12 yrs. with 12 Hrs. per day;

8.     Warm white(2800-3200K), Natural white (4200-4700K) and  cool white(6000-6500K) optional;

9.     HD resolution surveillance: Video images up to 1280*720@30fps resolution,dual code stream supported; Multiple resolution options: 1600*1200, 1280*720, 720*576,640*480, etc.; 2M pixels image captured;

10.  High integration: Deploy the high performance multimedia communication processor, so as to achieve fair stability and reliability; Imaging devices applya 2M pixels CMOS image sensor; embedded image processing algorithms to provide high quality images: auto white balance, auto exposure control, auto gaincontrol; Support advanced H.264 compression standard, low- bandwidth occupied;Multi- protocol supported: TCP / IP, HTTP, UDP, FTP, RTP; With built- in Web server,authorized users can remotely manage, watch and record videos or else;

11.  CE and RoHS certifications approved;

12.  No lead or mercury, environment friendly;



Auto Sensing Dimming: With image sensing technology, the LED light will be automatically   powered to 100% from the 20% dimming lighting status when detecting people and car moving only, but the sensor will skip those invalid movements such as trees and animals, etc.Meantime, Surveillance Camera can make a real-time Video Surveillance.




1. LED Lamp Base
Holder Diameter: 50mm
Water-proof Class: IP66

2. LED Luminary Specifications

Luminary Efficiency: 100-120 lm/W
Color Temperature: 2800K-6500K(Optional)
Designed Lifetime: 50000 Hrs.
Sensing Range: 100 Meters(Special Order for larger range)
Sensing Angle: 180° * 360°
Holding Time: 15 sec (Adjustable)


3. Electrical Specifications

Power Driving Mode: Constant Current
Power Input: AC 85-265V 50/60Hz
Power Efficiency: 


4. Surveillance Camera Lens

Fixed focus, Fixed Iris

3.6/6/8mm lens selectable

M12 lens, F 1.4


5. Environment

Operation Temperature: -30+55
Storage Temperature: -40
+70(26 optimal)


Order Information

F L -V R L XXX - Y - Z - R      

                    1    2   3   4

1 Model
2 Power
A:AC90-240V   B:DC12V       D:DC24V
3 Color  Temp
C:cool white   N:natural white   W:warm white
4 Dimming
1—Nomal,2—Two-Level  dimming,3—Three-Level dimming,5—Intelligent sensing
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