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Video Surveillance Optic Transmission

Area Density Detection


Area Density Detection

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Product introduction

To analyze the crowd density showed in video area automatically by softwre. The system alarms when the given density is raeched, also distinguish the human being from the background.  
Most of real time digitalized video is used in modern CCTV sytem. The  crowd density detection program applies lots of optical image information technology, such as edge detection, thining, pixel calculation, etc., with which the expected conclusion can be easily reached, i. e. crowd density, crowd conditions, etc.

To detect the crowd density automatically in given area. Widely used in train station and airport crowd station detection.
User defined unregulated area and density display color.
User defined density alarm movivation
To detect multi-area synchronously in one video image
Support integrating to DVP platform. To manage, display, detect, analyse and control integrated with un-intelligent equipments.
Detect and analyse multi-video images synchronously. Display the detect record and intelligent analyse result for multi-video images(freely expanding, 16 channels default) in one screen. Every channel video image supports eight kinds of detection.

Airport/train station crowd density detection, heavy traffic routes detection, etc.



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