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On-line monitoring of power systems is an indispensable part of the future smart grid. Smart grid not only means intelligent control, but also includes intelligent operation and management of grid operation information. Only really do the information intelligent management, intelligent control can be achieved.
In the past decade, the development of science and technology, intelligent network system, intelligent transportation system, intelligent home system; power grid development is no exception "grid 2.0" - smart grid, is the future direction of power grid construction.
In the process of building smart grid, power equipment online monitoring technology developed rapidly, the vast majority of substation equipment and generators, cables, lines and so on online monitoring projects.
Industrial Ethernet switch as the most important distribution network communication solutions, the following from the agreement, networking, a simple analysis.
Industrial switches, the standardization of its agreement has long been completed, including the underlying protocol, network redundancy protocol, management protocol, network precision clock transfer protocol, different manufacturers products interoperability is good, you can achieve hybrid networking. -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ working range is fully able to meet the industrial needs, to meet the distribution network system.
Industrial Ethernet switches mainly use sub-redundant, intersecting ring, tangent ring, etc., to improve the reliability of the network, a variety of flexible configuration of the optical port, a high degree of integration, flexible design more convenient for the construction of power grids.
Smart grid to achieve digital signal network communication, the various areas of electronic transformers to collect the voltage and current signals, converted into digital signals, through the optical fiber to the switch, the secondary equipment through the switch to obtain data and processing.
Industrial switches play a significant role in data collection, production management, operation and maintenance, safety monitoring, metering and user interaction. Industrial Ethernet technology, optical fiber technology, information processing technology development and penetration to various fields, power system monitoring technology widely used in these advanced scientific research, so that online testing technology gradually to the practical stage.
The application of industrial Ethernet switch in the construction of power grid can improve the information perception depth and breadth of all aspects of smart grid, and provide high availability support for realizing intelligentization of power system and information flow, service flow and power flow fusion.

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