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Application Probe for Intelligent Auto-Sensing LED Street Lighting System

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Currently, LED is increasingly used in indoor and outdoor lighting application. As LED is actually a kind of semiconductor diode, totally a new illumination material, this unique characteristic will revolutionarily improve the fast driving capability of the lighting source compared to all the lighting technology used in the past centuries. The use of the LED semiconductor as the lighting source, would make all the electronics and control technologies be possible to empower the lighting function versatile.


As one kind of the most practical type, the application of Intelligent video sensor technology make this revolution more thorough, automatically 100% lighting switched on when detecting object moving, and become dimming after object leaving a few seconds. Not only to achieve the second saving energy up to 90%, but also greatly extend the lifetime about 3 times long than normal LED lighting,more than that, the wisdom times of on-demand lighting began from then on.



Intelligent LED Street Light Intelligent Auto-sensing LED Street Lighting Video sensor LED lighting Intelligent Lighting

In recent years,because LED lighting is more energy-efficient, so it is rapidly replacing the current use of mercury lamps, sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps, metal halide, etc. . Due to enhancement of the environmental awareness of energy conservation, many countries have begun to use LED Street light on more and more roads, the city streets and plaza also.


LED lighting as a semiconductor light source compared to all previous lighting technologies, the most revolutionary is infinite imagination in terms of LED lighting drivers as the light source LED is actually a kind of semiconductor which is totally different with all the lighting material before, so, in addition to replacing with the LED light source,making LED Street light intelligent,to achieve the second energy-saving is a discussion emphasis full of imagination.


Through intelligent control and communication technology,can further reduce energy consumption,or provide additional transportation applications, even the city service. Currently,Intelligent LED street lighting system can according to the road conditions, according to if there is Car or People pass through or not,or based on the environment conditions to control LED Street Light switch on/off, and adjust the brightness,so it can extend LED Street light lifetime and save energy further. Intelligent systems equipped together with solar or wind power, power source can achieve self-sufficiency,no need city Electricity supply, it’s helpful for the remote area application. It also can automatically adjust the brightness, color, angle, depending on the environment, and can also make a real-time monitor on the light.


LED lighting can make 50% energy-saving, compared with the traditional road lighting,Using intelligent sensing LED Lighting system with intelligent sensing capabilities will make this result possible upgrade of 90%,especially in the long winter nights. Intelligent sensing LED lighting compared with normal LED.


Besides more energy-saving, which is often easily overlooked is, the introduction of this Intelligent sensing technology,it will extend LED street light lifetime greatly, because in the most of time, the LED street light only working on 20% power status, this greatly decreases the heat generated of the LED lighting which is the key issue for the LED life, so the lifetime of auto-sensing dimming LED lighting is often more than 3 times long than the normal LED lighting.


Long-time use of road lighting,the area is large and the number is big, if the lamp lifetime is too short, this result in damage and replacement of a high frequency, may cause big pressure on consumer who will responsible for maintenance,the impact on the safety of users can not be measured in money, therefore, the lifetime of the LED lighting is also an important considerations for consumer to choose road lighting.


Intelligent Auto-Sensing LED Street Light Principle and Application

LED lights combined with a variety of intelligent control and network communication technology, for different road lighting needs, can work out many additional applications,enhance the lighting efficiency and safety. Below are introduction for the developed Intelligent LED Street Light.


Illumination Adjusted on Demand

Beijing Fibridge intelligent LED lighting systems use light sensor, people and vehicles microwave sensors, video image recognition and other integrated technologies, readily detect changes and automatic control lights lumens by ZigBee wireless network or fiber-optic network. If no man or vehicles, the system automatically adjusts the LED lighting into low illumination, whereas during the intensive activities of people and vehicles, it would place high lumen LED lighting to enhance the clarity of sight of the driver to ensure road safety. In addition to auto-sensing cars and people, it can also install street lights according to the latitude of the region to determine sunrise and sunset times, and programming the information into the street light control system, in order to achieve the intelligent lighting at different times, to save energy, and reduce light pollution .


Intelligent auto sensing LED lighting system can automatically distinguish and detect pedestrians and vehicles, street lighting brightness automatically doubled when people or car comes, then automatically restored to the dim lighting condition after the objects leaving several seconds. Not only save power, but also protect the environment.


The auto sensor street lighting which Installed on the road is different with the sensor light at home door, because if it lights the only moment when a person or car close to, which can cause excessive chiaroscuro, the lights light up instantly will form disability glare, and it affect vision, it may cause a traffic accident. After the traffic rush time, the light only need to maintain 1/3 or 1/2 illumination. After midnight, almost no car, it can also be transferred lower illumination, power efficiency is quite high.


At Middle of the night, through sensors, if the vehicle passes, the light will be double lighting at the next light or next row of lights. After a period time, if sensor can’t detect people or car, it will automatically revert to the original setting brightness or completely extinguished


LED lighting has brought boundless imagination for the lighting industry, dimmable LED lighting is the biggest highlight of induction lights, because the secondary energy-saving can even through save 90% energy, meaning that it can save 50% energy on the basis of ordinary LED energy-saving. Currently the most commonly used mercury has no dimming function, although sodium is dimmable, but slow to adjust, not ideal. The semiconductor light emitting LED lighting which the brightness and the color is changeable fits this most practical requirement.


The biggest challenge in the intelligent auto-sensing LED lighting system is be able to distinguish a person and vehicle from night reptiles and even wind and grass, so that only inducting vehicles and pedestrians. If it can’t rule out those invalid induction such as the trees shaking etc.. The intelligent lighting systems would remain long time fully brightness state, the intelligent auto-sensing LED lighting would lose its meaning.


If the entire project investment funds are limited, controlled by a manual switch-demand adjustable illumination LED lights is also widely welcomed by the industry. Beijing Fibridge manual switched off/on LED street lighting system can achieve 100% 50% 20% third gear dimming just by powerring the normal switch off/on in 4 seconds. Neither increase the cost of the project investments, and can achieve a further second energy saving.

This may be the best choice of the users who concerned about the cost of whole investment with limited budget.


Real Time Fault Report Types

Take road lighting faulty fixing, with an example, checking the working status of the LED lighting by people for the whole system is a really big job, esp. the limitation of working labor often make the problems to be founded out not timely, the delay of the lamp fixing may brings much inconvenience and complains by people run on the way. Beijing Fibridge Co Ltd provide fully intelligent lighting solution, by using SNMP management technology and fiber transmission or ZigBee wireless to monitor LED lighting working status on real time. this products can monitor the LED lighting system working status and inform people on real time for fixing the wrong LED light, it not only save labor costs but also shorten repair time.

Color Temperature Adjustment Types

In general, vehicle headlights is white light or yellowish at night, and improve visibility via yellow fog lamp in the fog. Intelligent LED can also adjust color from cool to warm light for all weather conditions according to the auto-sensor. A bright day with cool white lighting, at the foggy night, the color may turn to warm color to increase the penetration depth of the street lighting.


Other Functionality Value Added Types

Intelligent lighting system also can worked as road traffic statistics, road traffic statistics can report how many vehicles passed the way for a time period with just a very little cost increasing. Additional, some LED light could get high definition snapping for all roads to prevent road property being damaged, losing and the solid waste littered on the way during the transportation. Also video surveillance could be built in the intelligent video-sensing LED lighting system almost without cost adding. Any way, you can add all the electronics technology into the LED lighting, this never happened at the lighting industry before.


The Effect on Ecological Development of Street Lighting

In nowadays, the light pollution is more and more mentioned. People constantly desire the physical and mental pleasure brought by the shining and transparent starry sky, which is often a luxury even in those area far away from city. Authoritative research indicates that the light pollution is harmful to both human and animal or plant, which is being paid more and more attention. The sensor street lightning is helpful to reduce the light pollution. While in actual street lightning case, the fact mostly is, the density of street light is too high, the lighting environment at night is too bright. The brightness of business area lighting could be reduced by half according to lighting research departments. Therefore, by using of sensor intelligent street lightning, to lower the brightness when unnecessary, we can achieve the effect of reducing light pollution.



Today, there is no doubt LED street lighting can replace traditional street lightning. And, to plus the intelligent smart sensor LED lighting system to the LED street lighting is the topic worth to be promoted massively. Currently manufactures are ready to produce a variety of intelligent street lighting, but only a few of them can provide both stability with acceptable price. The slightly higher cost is never the reason of restricting this technology to be promoted, because the return of the auto-sensing LED lighting for it’s secondary energy saving and 3 times long lifetime than the normal, is much higher than the additional cost increasing. The reliability is the basic requirement beyond all disputes for the intelligent sensor LED lighting system to be promoted as soon as possible.


The good news is,meeting people expectation’s Intelligent lighting system has emerged,We believe people will witness more and more exciting Intelligent sensing LED lighting system on the road.


Intelligent Auto-sensing Lighting System, light road as soon as sensing people or car only, 15 seconds later, become back about 20% dimming status. Let’s image,a few hundred meters’ fantasy dance of light and dimming shadow only with your driving pace,whether immersive or bystander,this dance of lighting and dimming shadow, is private just for your coming, make you feel valued and prestigious,who could not be impressed by this beauty.

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