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Video Surveillance Optic Transmission

Appearing Detection


Appearing Detection

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Product introduction

Detect, classify and identify appeared moving objects within the camera view. User can define various alert demands. When the system detects moving object and if the object''s behavior accord with the pre-defined alert condition, the system will automatically sound the alarm and detect its moving track.

Function & Features
Automatically detect human, vehicles and other moving objects in a designated area.
Support simultaneous alarm and display to multi-objects in the security zone.
Provide user-defined setup of security zone shape, numbers, color, alarm, etc.
Support integration to the DVP platform, implement simultaneously management, display, detect, analyze and control with unintelligent devices.
Simultaneously and synchronously detect and analyze any multichannel video, implement single screen arbitrarily appoint multichannel ( arbitrarily enlarge channels, 16ch for standard ) image and display detection track and intelligent analysis results in real-time. Each video channel can simultaneously and synchronously analyze 8 kinds of actions.


Widely used in Intelligent traffic, parking violation, subway safety, unmanned guarding for buildings.

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