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Video Surveillance Optic Transmission

Abandoned Object Detection


Abandoned Object Detection

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Product introduction

Detect left object,abandoned luggage,unattended item in defence area.
With the technology,its not only reduce the amount of patrolled security guards,but also make early-warning and recording,helps owner fixing position and find it rapidly. Moreover,it enable the detection of tiny objects left in very low contrast scenes where the object may be invisible to the human eye(Such as extinguisher, trash bin),or help detection wrapped objects(camouflage).
The records back and forth alarms, not only help security guards comprehend cause of effect of abandoned object,and make judgment and action,but also help them identify abandoned object,even detect losing item out of scene

Detect abandoned objects in defence area automatically;
Diversified and irregular setting in defence area;
User-defined alarm time for abandoned objects;
User-defined detect dimension of abandoned objects,
User-defined region,color,action;
Detect multi-regions synchronously in one video frame;
Enable integrate to DVP platform,support management,display,detecton,analysis,control together with non-intelligent equipment;
Detect and analyze multiple video synchronously;realize real time display detecting track and intelligent analyze result to appointed multiple channels(Freely expand,16 channels standard) in one screen.Each video analyze 8 behaviors and regulation ynchoronously.

Widely used in detecting deviant abandoned object in high risk location such like airport,oil storage,ect.



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