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HD IP Video Surveillance

18X Zoom HD High Speed Dome IP Camera


18X Zoom HD High Speed Dome IP Camera

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Product introduction



●Zoom Features
1.3 mega pixel 1/3 " progressive scan CCD, maximum resolution 1920*1080, can provide high-quality images
18X HD optical zoom and can meet a wide range of scene monitoring and detailed monitoring
Support automatic zoom , through self- optimization autofocus algorithm can quickly focus and make a clear image under low-light , low signal to noise ratio
Support auto iris, auto white balance, backlight compensation, automatic shutter, wide dynamic range and color / black and white ( auto / manual ) conversion function at low light 
Removable IR filter, the optical filter, during the day it'sclosed to cut off infrared light to restore the true color; during night filter is opened to receive infrared light to the real day and night conversion
Support three regional privacy masking
Seamless integration with the DVP ( digital video platform) to make a Central Monitoring System

●PTZ Features
Built-in high-speed PTZ, continuous rotation of the level of 360°, vertical 0°-93 °, with auto flip, can achieve the all-day, comprehensive, no surveillance blind spot monitoring
Flexible rotation speed,  0.1-240 °/s of the level, 0.1-160 °/sec of the vertical, can make fast response by the user's monitoring point of view
To use imported precision stepper motor and self-control algorithm, the highest positioning precision up to ± 0.02 °, when rotational positioning of any speed, the images are smooth with jitter-free
Support 200 presetposition to meet customer'ssentinel surveillance
Support 8 routes cruise scan
Support 4 grops trajectory function
Support ratio of zoom function to automatically adjust rotation speed according to lens zoom multiples
Support guard-bit function, customizable time
Support PTZ alarm linkage function, the alarm triggers a call to preset position, cruise, track, scan

●Network Features
Using the standard H.264 encoding technology with high compression ratio
Support dual-stream technology to meet local monitoring and network transmission of the video
Support 1 channel audio input, 1 audio output
Support a variety of network protocols
Support Micro SD card storage, can effectively solve the video lost problems caused by network failures
Can through the IE browser and client software to look images and realize the alarm, video and camera front-end settings, it's easy to operate and friendly interface

●System Features
Support image 3D positioning, achieve three -dimensional coordinates of the target position, work with the client software to achieve click tracking and amplification
Support a variety of alarm function: motion detection alarm, I / O alarm, disk alarm, support alarm linkage
Support a variety of storage: local storage, NAS storage, SD card storage
Support multi-level user management, self- defined, permissions custom, high security
Hardware and software watchdog, automatic fault recovery
Degree of protection IP66, can work properly in harsh environments
Support the TVS 1500W lightning protection, anti- breakthrough, anti-surge

Typical Applications

Figure 1 Typical application for small-scale IP video surveillance

Figure 2 Typical application for large-scale IP video surveillance


Sensor type: 1/3” Ex-view 1.3 Mega Pixel CCD
Signal system: PAL/NTSC
Scanning: progressive scan
SNR: 50dB
Minimum Illumination: 0.1Lux/F1.2
0.02Lux/F1.2 (slow shutter mode)
Electronic Shutter: Auto/Manual(1/4 to 1 /10000 seconds)
White Balance: Auto
Digital Noise Reduction: 3D
Gain: Auto/Manual
Day & Night mode: ICR with removable IR optical filter
BLC: On/Off
Mirror image: On/Off
Wide Dynamic Range : On/Off

Focal length: 4.7-84.6mm2.54mm
Magnification: 18x optical zoom
Zoom speed: 1.5 seconds
Horizontal viewing angle: 55.2 °-3.2 ° (Wide-Tele)
Minimum object distance:10mm
Relative aperture: F1.6-F2.0Iris: Auto/Manual
Focus: auto/manual


Output image resolution:PAL:1920*1080 1280×720

640×360 NTSC: 1280×960NTSC640×480
Frame rate PAL: 25fps
NTSC: 22.5fps
Image settings: adjustable sharpness, saturation, brightness, gain, adjustable shutter
Video Compression format: H.264, Mjpeg
Audio compression formats:G711, G723.1/6.3kbps, AMR, RAW_PCM
Multi-stream: support
Rate Control:CBR/VBR
Range of the stream adjustment:100Kb ~ 6Mb

●Pan & Tilt
Rotation speed: level 0.1-240°/s; vertical 0.1-160 °/s
Vertical angle of rotation: 0° ~ 93°, automatic flip
Horizontal rotation angle: 360° continuous rotation
Proportional zoom: support, the rotation speed can be adjusted automatically according to zoom multiples
Preset position: 200
Parade: 8 groups (each group can be added to 32 preset points)
Scan: 8 groups
Track: 4 groups ( each path within 5 minutes of recording time )
Power off Memory : Support
Guard bits: Time can be set (1-240 minutes)
The position information is displayed: to display the horizontal and vertical angle and zoom

Storage communication protocol:CIFS, NFS
WEB management: Built-in web services, can through the IE browse to achieve remote viewing and configuration
Remote upgrade and maintenance: Support
Integration features: support international standards Onvif agreement; support third-party protocol access
Maximum amount of user access : supports up to 10 users to access

●Input & output
Network interface: RJ-45,10/100Base-T
Audio Interface: 1 channel audio input, 1 channel audio input, two-way voice
Alarm interface: 1 channel alarm input, 1 channel alarm output, SD card with self-locking
Analog video output interface: BNC, 75Ohm
PTZ control interface: RS485
32GBSD Card Interface : Micro SD card / HCSD card up to 32GB

PTZ control: can through client/WEB sides soft keyboard to rotate /control zoom; support 3D positioning
Intelligent Alarm: motion detection alarm, I / O alarm, disk alert
Alarm linkage: preset position, parade, path, scanning
Heartbeat mechanism: Support
Storage: local storage, NAS storage, SD card storage
Privacy masking: three regional, size can be set
Character display: time, date, channel number, channel name and custom text
Security: password protection, support multi-level user group management, self-defined permissions
Reliability: hardware and software watchdog, automatic fault recovery

Power: AC24V
Power consumption: 30W
Operating Temperature: -5℃~+60℃
without temperature control); -40℃~+60℃with temperature control
Operating Humidity: RH90 % MAX ( no condensation )
Protection class: IP66;  TVS 1500W lightning protection/anti- breakthrough/Surge
Installation: wall/ceiling (optional)
Size(mm):φ240×365 mm

Order Information
X 1: Stands for camera type, 1-box, 2-PTZ dome, 3-dome, 4-waterproof, 5-WDR, 6- All-in-one
X 2: Output type, 1-analog, 2-IP
X 3: Resolution, 1-CIF
2-VGA3-720P4-1.3M pixel5UXGA61080P
X 4: Audio port, suffix "A" means with audio connector
X 5: Analog video output, suffix "V"
X 6: Support local storage (SD/USB hard disk storage), suffix "S"
X 7: Power over Ethernet, suffix "P" for PoE
X 8: Iris adjust mode, 1- DC drive, 2- video drive
X 9: Wireless, suffix "W"

S: embedded Trip-wire detection and Track-tracing
Models with "-IR" support IR LED night vision.



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