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Support agreement: follow IEEE802.3 series 1000Base-TX and 1000Base-FX Ethernet standard
Interface support: Fiber interface is SC. Twisted pair interface is RJ45
1000Mbps transfer rate, full / half duplex mode automatically adapts, can be smoothly upgraded
Built-in efficient exchange chip, reduce broadcast storm, flow control, CRC error check, with address filtering, network segmentation function
Provides built-in power supply
Operating temperature: -10 ~ 50 ℃ Storage temperature: -40 ~ 70 ℃ Humidity: 5% -90%
Using the latest program, the device itself heat than other similar products, work stability and durability stronger
In line with carrier-class operating standards, the average time between failures in more than 50,000 hours
Standard single-mode fiber maximum transmission distance of 80 km, the standard multi-mode optical fiber maximum transmission of 550 meters. Using single-fiber bi-directional transmission, the distance of up to 40 km
Power requirements: 150VAC ~ 275VAC input (optional 24V, -48 VDC input)

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