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Industrial Switch (PoE)

1 Optical Gigabit and 1 Electric Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch


1. Overview

        1 Optical Gigabit and 1 Electric Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch with the function of auto negotiation and auto MDI/MDIX cable selection. This device translates transmission signals from a twisted-pair 10Base-T, 100Base-TX or 1000Base-T cable to 1000Base-FX fiber optic cable. With intelligent SNMP-based network management, user can monitor and configure the Copper Port and Optical Port of center chassis and remote standalone easily, and helps network operators quickly isolate problems without visiting multiple wiring closets, avoiding expensive downtime. Besides, user can control the bandwidth rate limiting.

2. Features

2.1. Hardware Features

l Support 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T and 1000Base-FX

l Fully compatible with IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3ab, IEEE802.3x standards

l Up to 80Km distance without any relay device

l High-performance auto-negotiation chips make sure the data transfer with higher security, stability and without block.

l Up to 9278 bytes package forwarded, transmit 802.1Q VLAN TAG protocol transparently

l Support half/full duplex mode Auto-negotiate

l Support rate limit with step of 8Mbps in 1000Mbps speed, 0.8Mbps in 100Mbps speed, and 0.08Mbps in 10Mbps speedto be released in April, 2007

l Provide 4K MAC address table with automatic leaning and aging

l All the modules support hot-swap function

l Single-strand/double-strand optical port selectable

l Chassis supports double redundant power supply modules and each power supply module supports up to 100 Watt power output for the security and stability

l Chassis support cascade Link up to 4 numbers for management, 4 chassis need only one IP address.

2.2. Software Function

2.2.1. System

l Support Console, WEB and SNMP-based management

l Select the system or a single local module or remote end device to reset

l Reset chassis to factory default

l Support firmware updating, with the update tool and new version firmware file download from our website.

l Support SNMP management. Set Trap Destination, Community Name, and authority

l Provide MIB file, make it easy to be integrated into the third-party SNMP management software

l Tree-view structure makes it easy to manage many chassis from one software interface

2.2.2. Monitor and Setting

l Show details of system information, including chassis name, location information, IP address, start-up time, software and hardware version

l View & configure the working status of local and remote device, including connection status, speed, half/full duplex mode, port status

l View the detailed information of power supply

l Set the rate(bandwidth) limitation of the Ethernet port from 8Mbps to 1000Mbps with step of 8Mbps to be released in April, 2007

l Summarize the data flow information and show the communication state of each port

2.2.3. Alarm

l Real-time Alarm can be added to a float window automatically or pop up to get more attention

l One history alarm message window for searching, deleting, copying etc.

2.2.4. Security

l 3 levels of the users to advance the security of the software system

3. Specifications

3.1. Ethernet Port

l Compatible with IEEE 802.3 series Standards

l Speed: 10/100/1000Mbps auto-negotiation

l Duplex: Half/full auto-negotiation

l Connectors: RJ45 Jack

l MDI/MDI-X crossover automatically

3.2. Optical Port

l Wavelength: 850nm/1310nm/1550nm

l Single mode/Multimode Optional

l Up to 80km transmission distance

l SC/PC, ST/PC and FC/PC optional

3.3. Power

l AC: 100V~240V, 50/60Hz

l DC: -48 VDC

l Consumption: Standalone < 3W

3.4. Size

l Standalone:

132mm (W) × 122mm (D) × 36mm (H)

l 19-inch Chassis:

 440mm (W)×250mmD×125mmH

3.5. Environment

l Temperature: 5℃ ~ 40℃;

l Humidity: 30% ~ 90% (25℃);

3.6. LEDs

PWR, TLink, Flink, 10M, 100M, 1000M

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